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Search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives. We search to find answers, ask questions, and to make purchases. More and more consumers are researching and purchasing their insurance online. Which is why its imperative businesses invest in SEO to ensure they’re able to be found via the internet.

SEO for insurance brokers and companies is valuable because consumers use search engines for a variety of purposes. Here are a few ways your business may show up in a search result:

  • Asking an insurance-related question
  • Looking for an insurance product
  • Searching for reviews on your brand

People search for answers, solutions, reviews and more. If your insurance agency, brokerage, or company isn’t showing up in these search results, your competitors are.

Ranking your insurance brokerages website is vital if you’re company relies on it as a source of income/leads If you’re on the fifth page of search results, it’s not likely that you’ll be found by very many people. That means that website traffic is going to your competitors. SEO for insurance agencies is the key to improving your ranking in search engine results for targeted keywords. Ideally, you’d be on the first page, because the higher your rankings the more likely potential customers will find you. This will generate website traffic and allow you to capture more leads and get more sales.

Unfortunately, SEO is not an easy task. To ensure searchers are seeing relevant results, search engines make it tricky to rank a website and change their algorithms daily. That’s why Trufla offers insurance SEO services to help your brokerage capitalize on SEO while not sweating the details.

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Trufla Provides SEO for Insurance Brokers

Insurance SEO stands for insurance search engine optimization; this means optimizing a website and online presence of an insurance brokerage or insurance company so that it performs better in search engine results. This generates website traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales.

A broker’s online presence includes their website and social media. These are optimized technically and through content in order for a broker to rank higher in search engine results. This should increase website traffic and generate business for the brokerage.

These are only a few factors, as SEO is an ever-changing science. There’s also a lot more to the technical aspect of insurance SEO, but that’s best left to the expert developers like the ones on our Trufla team.

Trufla’s Insurance SEO Value-Added Service

SEO for insurance brokers can be difficult to navigate on your own. You’re focus is your business – insurance. Being a search engine optimization expert, website technician, and content writer are probably not in your wheelhouse. That’s understandable!

That’s where Trufla comes in. We provide expertise for SEO that will generate traffic for your website. We also know the insurance industry, which means we understand how your business works and what you need to get from your brokerage’s website. That’s why we specialize in SEO for insurance brokerages and companies. Our knowledgeable, experienced team will help you pick your keywords, harness the power of organic traffic, and get found by potential customers.

Our SEO for insurance brokers includes:

  • Improving website speed
  • Improving website device compatibility
  • Ensuring images and video are readable by search engines
  • Editing the back-end of websites to make it search engine-friendly
  • Creating or editing webpage content based on specific keywords
  • Creating blog content based on specific keywords
  • Establishing or improving social media presence

SEO for insurance companies is essentially the same services, but with a different emphasis depending on if the insurance company uses broker partners or is a direct writer.

Why does all this SEO stuff matter? It impacts your potential customer’s ability to find you and their experience on your website. If your website’s SEO is poor, it’s extremely difficult for anyone to find you online. If your website experience is bad, any visitors you do have won’t be able to convert into leads and sales – plus search engines will further penalize you for providing a subpar website experience. Not a good combination.

How Trufla’s Insurance SEO Services Work

  • Establish business goals.
  • Select keywords.
  • Build an SEO strategy.
  • Execute.
  • Reporting.
  • Ongoing improvements.

The first step is to establish your brokerage or company’s business goals. Our team can help you set realistic, achievable objectives if you’re feeling a little lost in the weeds. Next, we’ll carry out keyword research and select the keywords you should target. You’ll have a chance to review these and provide feedback before the final choice is made.

Our team takes the keywords and develops an SEO strategy for your website. You’ll review and send the final approval, and our team will get to work. Focusing on both the content and technical aspects of SEO, we’ll fine tune your website to improve your rankings and get your brokerage found in the search results.

Once the grunt work is finished, we wait and see how your website performs and report back. The challenge with SEO for an insurance agency/broker or company is that it takes time and is always changing. It isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of marketing.

Why is insurance SEO an ongoing process?

SEO for an insurance agency or company isn’t a one-time thing – you’ll need to review your search engine rankings and performance fairly regularly if you want to remain competitive.

Search engines are always updating their algorithms. They also crawl your website regularly, updating their information and rankings as they go. Furthermore, your competitors are also looking to improve their own performance in insurance SEO. They’ll be improving their own content and technical aspects in order to rank better. That means you need to stay on top of how your business is performing and continually optimize.

Insurance SEO doesn’t have to be so difficult. With SEO for insurance brokers provided by Trufla, you can understand how to improve your business in a cost-effective way. Find out more information today or see us in action by requesting a demo.

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