Working at Trufla

At Trufla, we aim to make a difference in the insurance world by providing brokers and agents the technology they need in order to grow their business. From customer service software to policy management, Trufla is reimagining how people think, feel and do insurance.

As one of the top insurtech companies in Canada, Trufla is making waves in the areas of data, AI, web, apps, digital advertising, CMS, and more. When you join Trufla, you’re joining a team that is committed to constantly innovating areas in insurance, because we are never satisfied with the status quo.

Whether you’re a developer, product owner, designer or business analyst, there are many career opportunities to choose from due to our company’s growth. If you want to be part of revolutionizing the insurance industry, while you work in a fun and flexible environment, then click on our job opportunities button below.

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Company Culture

As industry leaders, we like to shake things up by going against the grain and imagining the unimaginable. That’s why we seek out top-notch talent that isn’t afraid to shoot for the moon and make a real ding in the universe. We know every line of code counts and every team member is working in unison to make things happen for the industry and for our clients.

Collaborate. Celebrate. Repeat.

We’re all about collaboration. Why? Everyone brings something different to the table — that’s how big ideas are born and how we tackle and solve problems. Every voice matters. Together, we have made strides in the insurtech world. We celebrate the wins and everyone who helped make it happen.

Staff Perks: ESOP, Unlimited Time-Off, Hybrid Work

On March 1, 2023, we launched two new initiatives: the Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP) and the unlimited time-off program. ESOP gives all employees the right to purchase and own shares in the company. The program was set up so employees could share in the success and growth of Trufla and be provided with a smart investment opportunity.

We value our employees’ personal time. Our unlimited time-off policy, our second initiative started in March, allows employees to take unlimited flex days and vacation days off within a calendar year. This policy was put in place to provide employees the opportunity to take time off when they needed.

We also provide a flexible, hybrid work model where our employees can come to the office twice a week for in-person collaboration and connection.

A Workplace for Everyone!

At Trufla, we embrace diversity. We believe that our distinct backgrounds shape the company’s identity. Inclusivity is one of our main strengths. In our inclusive workplace, employees feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to bring their full selves to work, which we believe leads to greater innovation, collaboration and productivity.


Join Our Team!

Working at Trufla is more than just a job. We have re-imagined what an office should be! Did you know the average person spends around 2,000 at work every year? That’s crazy, and probably more time than you spend in any other area of your life. We wanted to make time at Trufla awesome.