Trufla Digital Ads: Internet Marketing for Insurance Brokers

If youโ€™re not using digital ads for your insurance business, youโ€™re losing out. Everyone is advertising online โ€“ including your competitors. Itโ€™s where people are these days and itโ€™s where your ads will be seen. Digital ads for insurance brokers are essential because customers are increasingly going to the internet to research and purchase insurance. If your digital ads arenโ€™t there, it will be harder for them to find you. Or, worse, theyโ€™ll be going to the other insurance agency that did invest in digital ads.

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What are digital ads for insurance brokers?

Digital ads for insurance brokers are simply digital advertisements tailored to attract leads and sales for an insurance product. Digital ads include any form of online advertising. These can be text, images, or videos that appear across the internet on social media, websites, and search engines. Itโ€™s the final step to turning on the taps for lead generation and building your business.

Say Hello to Internet Marketing for Insurance Brokers with Trufla Digital Ads

Trufla specializes in internet marketing for the insurance industry. Our digital ad experts understand how insurance works and how to leverage internet marketing for insurance agencies. Weโ€™re current with the latest trends in digital advertising and work across internet marketing platforms including Google, Facebook, Linked In, and more. We take your business goals and develop a customized digital ad strategy to help you achieve them.

  • Get Traffic, Leads and Sales with Truflaโ€™s Digital Ads for Insurance Agencies

    Use digital ads to drive quality traffic to your website. Why does quality matter? Just getting more visitors to your website isnโ€™t enough. You want people who are actually interested in buying insurance. This will allow you to get better leads that you can more easily convert into sales. Your staff will waste less time on people who arenโ€™t interested and be able to focus on those who are ready to buy. This lets your business allot its resources with more efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in more revenue for your brokerage at the end of the day.

  • Track Your Progress and Return on Investment

    One of the best things about internet marketing for insurance brokers is that itโ€™s trackable. You can see in real time how your digital ads are doing, including:

    • How many people have seen your ads
    • How many people have clicked on your ads and visited your website
    • How many website visitors have become leads
    • How many leads have become sales

    You can essentially track your entire online sales funnel โ€“ pretty incredible!

    This level of tracking also means that Improvements can be made during the digital ad campaign. That way, youโ€™re never stuck if something isnโ€™t working. It also means you can experiment to find out what works best for your brokerage!

    Itโ€™s also easier to track your return on investment with digital ads. With a billboard, youโ€™d have no idea how many people would see it or be influenced by it to contact your brokerage. How many people who see a billboard go on to become a paying customer? With digital ads, you know how many people see your ad and how many click it.

    The Trufla Digital Ad team carefully monitors each ad campaign. We provide your brokerage with updates and ongoing recommendations on changes to the campaign and strategy.

Internet Marketing for Insurance Agencies is Accessible with Trufla Digital Ads

One of the best things about insurance internet marketing is that itโ€™s accessible. Digital ad campaigns are scalable depending on your business goals and budget. Even a small amount can go a long way. Truflaโ€™s digital ad experts can design a campaign that maximizes your budget in order to meet those objectives. Whether youโ€™ve got a thousand or a million dollars, digital ads can work for your brokerage.

Internet Marketing for Insurance Brokers: Where, When and What Trufla Advertises

The amount of customization that can go into digital ads for insurance brokers is incredible. Did you know that some platforms allow you to select the times your ad shows? Or that your ad will only show up for people on their phones in a certain geographic location? Or that you can show different ads at different times, directing prospective clients to your website, phone, or location based on if youโ€™re open or not? The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Here at Trufla, we know that each insurance brokerage requires a different strategy. We work across the internet on a variety of platforms, including:

Where your ad is placed will depend on your business objectives. The timing will also vary based on what you want to accomplish as well as your staffing and website resources. The content of your ad will also depend on your target audience and goals.


Results of Digital Ads for Insurance Brokers

With Trufla, you can trust that weโ€™ll deliver you results. How quickly success will come depends on your goals, budget, target audience, product, and, of course, your digital ad performance. Our team helps ensure your goals are realistic and achievable; we also deliver results thanks to our expertise and knowledge of internet marketing for insurance brokers.

You can generate traffic, leads and sales with digital advertising.

Why is internet marketing valuable for insurance brokers?

Once upon a time, just having a website was enough for brokers. Today, however, you donโ€™t only need a fantastic website; you need a way to bring in traffic to it. You need to find a way to stand out and get the attention of your potential customers, especially when theyโ€™re looking to buy insurance. Digital ads help get you in front of potential clients and get them to your website. Thatโ€™s why internet marketing for insurance brokers is critical. If your digital ads arenโ€™t there, itโ€™s going to be harder for people to find you.

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