Empower Your Customers with truMobile: An Insurance Mobile Application

As the leading provider of insurance broker apps in Canada, truMobile is not just an insurance agent mobile app, it’s the future of customer service for the distribution channel. The shift from traditional to digital is here, and truMobile is your answer to providing your customers an omni-channel experience that includes a beautiful designed insurance mobile application. Developed by brokers for brokers, truMobile is a full-service insurance broker app and web portal that is designed to give both your brokers and your customers that best possible experience.

Go paperless with truMobile, and empower your customers with the ability to manage their insurance on their terms with our insurance mobile app. Your company will benefit in so many ways.

truMobile Spotlight Features

truMobile stands out among mobile apps for insurance companies thanks to its easy-to-use system and wide range of beneficial features. If you are looking for an insurance mobile app for your brokerage or agency that does it all, check out some of truMobile’s spotlight features.

Instant access to pink cards

  • View, print or securely share pink cards
  • Lock pink card screen to disable unauthorized access to other documents
  • Voice activate pink card command

Connect with your customers with push notifications

  • Send targeted messages to your clients in minutes
  • Cross-sell or upsell products with our easy customer data dashboard
  • Keep your customers alerted in the event of an emergency

Self-service features proven to reduce calls

  • Submit payments through the app and portal
  • Initiate change requests such add or deleting coverage
  • Submit and manage claims

Get 100% adoption

  • Upload your entire customer base on the app in minutes
  • Full onboarding and customer success team to train your staff from using the tool to marketing the app
  • Full support team including portal with interactive support guides and videos

What truMobile can do for your brokerage

Insurance companies are going paperless and providing your customer with digital options to service their insurance needs, effectively replacing your brokers at key touchpoints. Providing digital customer service tools that out-perform insurance markets doesn’t have to be a difficult. Our truMobile insurance broker app and portal is custom branded with your brokerage, offering a myriad of services that will put you top-of-mind for all your customers.

Benefits of our insurance mobile application include:

  • Reducing non-revenue producing calls
  • Ability to upload your entire customer-base onto platform for high adoption
  • Send targeted communications to customer-base in minutes
  • Customer segmentation and insights through reporting dashboard
  • Omni-channel tools for every customer preference
  • Comprehensive training program with regular informative sessions
  • Can work with any BMS system

We may never return to the way things were pre-COVID, so give your customer a safe way to do their insurance when they want to, how they want to.

truMobile is revolutionary when it comes to mobile app development for insurance brokers. Given the shift to digital, we want to help you make insurance more accessible for your clients.

Ease your brokers’ workload

We know first-hand how difficult it can be for a broker to keep up the demands of managing a book of business, especially when there are no other options for customers to get the simple services they need day to day. Give your brokers the gift of time by reducing mundane service calls such as pink cards, payment info, and simple changes that do not require a 30-minute phone conversation.

Time-saving measures include:

  • Ability to upload temporary pink cards and edocs onto the app and portal for customers
  • Ability to send cross-sell or upsell push notifications to customers
  • Manage customer requests quickly and efficiently
  • Spend less time on requests for pink cards, payment information, address changes, etc., which can all be managed through the app

Give your customers the ultimate digital experience

Consumer behavoiur is changing, and customers of all ages expect to be serviced the way they want, when they want. Give your customers the ultimate digital experience with the truMobile insurance agent mobile app and portal. Online service and support are now the norm in our new normal, which is why all the major insurance companies are turning to paperless solutions. The best part about being a broker is that you can be there for your customers when they need you the most. But you don’t necessarily need to be there for their day-to-day service needs such as pink cards, deductible information, and payment schedules. Mobile app development for insurance brokers and agents means that you can reduce non-revenue activity by streamlining it through the app while increasing productivity and time for your brokers.

With our app and portal, your customers can manage the following on the their own:

  • View and print pink cards
  • Make payments
  • View upcoming payments
  • View insurance edocs
  • View policy and coverage information including deductibles
  • Initiate change requests such as adding a driver, deleting a driver, change of address and more
  • Submit and manage claims

truMobile Plan

Customers love insurance on their own terms with easy access to digital options. Thanks to recent mobile app development for insurance brokers and agents, you gain time and money with client data at your fingertips.

Custom made especially for you – truMobile is the essential branded insurance broker app/portal for you and your customers.

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