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truMobile is a full-service insurance mobile application and web portal that provides customers with an omnichannel experience that allows brokers to meet them where they are, on any device.

Save time – go paperless – choose between two powerful options. Empower your customers to manage their insurance on their terms.

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Why Free?

We believe that the broker is the most trusted and effective distribution channel for the Canadian insurance consumer. Access to the truMobile insurance app puts the broker first and strengthens the entire broker channel.

We are levelling out the playing field for brokerages of any size.

truMobile provides:

  • Direct communication link between a brokerage and its customers
  • Actionable insights into a brokerage’s data
  • 360° communication tools (insurance mobile app, desktop, chat, email, phone)

truMobile Spotlight Features

Connect to your customers through push notifications

Send targeted messages, sell products, and alert customers in emergencies within minutes.

Give customers instant access to pink cards

Allow customers to view, print, lock, and share pink cards on the insurance mobile app. Voice-activated command eases use on the go.

Reduce calls with self-service features

Submit and manage claims and payments. Initiate change requests via the insurance mobile app or web portal to reduce your call volume.

truMobile Premium Features

Broker X-Ray
A cutting-edge analytics tool that helps brokers strategically remarket clients that they’re at the highest risk of losing.
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Automated Email Marketing Campaigns
Set up automated email marketing campaigns directed towards your clients and prospects several times during their insurance journey.

Push Notifications/SMS
Push notifications are a great way to get your message out to clients quickly. Text messages will be sent to your clients, including alerts, marketing, and more.

BMS Integration
Talk to your BMS provider to make sure it integrates with truMobile.
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3rd Party API integration
Have a chat bot? A lead management tool you’d like to tie in? We will integrate any 3rd party API provider to deliver a customized experience.

Event Notifications
Send automated event notifications for new business, renewal, or change request to clients with all of their documents and updates through email.

Dashboard & Analytics
Access to a reporting dashboard with customer segmentation and insights.

360° Communication Tools
Deliver omnichannel tools tailored for each customer’s preference: email, mobile app, website, web portal, push notifications, and chat.

Backup Data Retention
We use data to improve distribution, retention, and speed up the initial quoting process. 2 years of data (Free), 5 years of data (Premium).

truMobile: Free vs. Premium

Features truMobile Free truMobile Premium
Monthly costs Free $999
Push Notifications not supported supported
Broker X-Ray (Beta) not supported supported
Automated Marketing Campaigns not supported supported
3rd Party API Integration not supported supported
Quarterly Ambassador not supported supported
SMS not supported supported
Event Notifications supported supported
Claims supported supported
Change Requests supported supported
Reporting supported supported
Voice Activation supported supported
Support supported supported
Training supported supported
Banners Static / Predefined Customized Banners
Data Retention 2 years 5 years
Domains Standard Custom Domains


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Customers love insurance on their own terms with easy access to digital options. Come experience the powerful truMobile features with a live demo of the insurance broker app today.

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We Take Your Data and Security Seriously

Get Access to a Larger Data Set
truMobile gives brokers the use of anonymized data, which improves distribution, retention, customer service, and speeds up the quoting process.

By utilizing truMobile, you get access to Canada’s largest set of insurance data.

Improve the Broker Chanel
truMobile is a fantastic way for the broker channel to pool insights and data to improve the product, learn about their customers, and build a better and more profitable book of business.

We Secure Your Data
We strive to give you a balance of an ideal multi-factor authentication (MFA) experience, which is a combination of the user experience and security.

All Trufla products use two-factor authentication (2FA), which means all brokers and users must use an authentication sequence before accessing any of our systems.

If there is ever any kind of security breach, it only takes a few seconds for us to will shut down our entire system. We are working towards SOC 2 compliance, regular audits, performance of penetration tests to meet necessary insurance requirements for software and data hosting.

truMobile Frequently Asked Questions

We want to put the broker first. Brokers should be leading communications with their clients as it creates a stronger broker channel, which we believe is the best way to purchase insurance. truMobile and truWeb give Brokers a consistent 360° messaging platform with their clients.

We have a host of other products  (webdesign, SEO) where we make money. Let us be your data scientist. Brokers don’t have access to a deep enough data set and can’t afford the technical talent needed to monetize their own data. Trufla can provide brokers with actionable insights into your data at a fraction of the cost or completey free. 

Trufla gives the broker the ability to meet the customer where they are and on any device. Examples include the below:

  • Email
  • insurance mobile app
  • Website
  • Web portal
  • Push notifications
  • Chat (coming soon to web/app)

Anonymized data contains no identifiable elements. Examples include data excluding a person’s email address, names, phone numbers and even the name of the brokerage are removed from your customer’s profile. Clients or brokerages can never be identified.

We would love to show you what the truMobile platform can do for your brokerage. Claim your free app now.