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Customers expect a great digital experience. They want flexibility, choice, and excellent service. Brokers want to keep their clients happy while reducing costs and generating revenue for their brokerage. Can an insurance mobile app really be the solution? Yes.

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  • Exceed Customer Expectations

    A good insurance mobile application is essential. It isnโ€™t good enough to just have an app โ€“ just like it isnโ€™t enough to just have a website these days. You need an app that actually going to provide value for your customers.

    Many insurance agencies and insurance companies donโ€™t offer a digital solution for their clients. This puts them behind the times โ€“ customers are already using apps for their banking, utilities, navigation, entertainment and everything else under the sun. They want the convenience and ease delivered with a good app. Providing your customers with an app will set you apart.

    truMobile delivers an exceptional insurance mobile application experience for your clients. They can self-serve wherever and whenever they want. They can view their policy information, print their pink cards, request policy changes, and submit claims. Theyโ€™ll also receive the messages sent by your brokerage, either as a push notification or an email.

  • Manage More Premium Per Head

    How does having an insurance broker app free up your staff to manage more premium per head? It allows your customers to self-serve for things like basic policy questions, printing pink cards, and submitting requests. It reduces the amount of time your brokers spend submitting claims and processing change requests because the information is already there โ€“ itโ€™s a simple case of confirmation.

    With truMobile, theyโ€™ll be able to manage more premium per head. Your staff can also focus their skills on the more complex insurance and customer services duties.

  • Focus on Revenue Generation

    How much time does your staff spend on menial tasks? Printing pink cards, gathering all the information for a change request or claims submission, and answering basic policy questions are all things that can be done by your clients through truMobile. When your clients self-serve, your brokers are able to focus on revenue-generating work such as new business, cross selling, and up selling.

  • Use Your Insurance Mobile Application to Send Messages

    With truMobile, you can send personalized messages to your clients through your insurance agent mobile app. Choose the recipient, subject, and message you send. This message will go out as a push notification or as an email if your customer has opted out of notifications.

    Use messages to remind clients of renewals, offer support during a natural disaster, inform them of a vehicle recall, or simply wish them a happy birthday. You can use it anyway youโ€™d like in order to provide value to your customers.

  • Have Access to Your Customer Data

    One of the most powerful aspects of truMobile is its data. Too often, your broker management system makes it too difficult to see the bigger picture or identify trends or opportunities. With truMobile, you and your staff will have access to that data in an easily digestible way โ€“ and youโ€™ll be able to leverage it, too. Our powerful reports give you true actionable insight into your customer base. Youโ€™ll also have additional oversight into your staffโ€™s efficiency and effectiveness. Data allows you make more informed business decisions.

Are customers really looking for mobile apps for insurance companies?

Absolutely! Your clients are already using apps for their banking and other utilities, so why not insurance? truMobile also allows them to self-serve, meaning they can access their insurance information at anytime, anywhere, from any of their devices. Consumers are increasingly shown to prefer digital communication or self-serve options, so itโ€™s important that your brokerage provide an insurance mobile application for your customers.


Why should my brokerage choose Trufla as their insurance mobile app agency?

Trufla is a pioneer in insuretech. We understand both the insurance and technology sides. We know what customers expect and what brokerages need.

Our truMobile app provides a fantastic customer experience which helps your customer satisfaction and overall retention. Your staff will also experience reduced service-based calls, allowing them to manage more premium and focus on complex or revenue-generating customer care. Provide value to your customers, have another touchpoint and improve your business efficiency โ€“ all because of the best insurance mobile application.

truMobile Features

With truMobile, your clients will be able to:

  • Use your app anytime, anywhere
  • Access your app from their computer, tablet or phone
  • View their coverage details
  • View their policy documents (anything downloadable from the insurer)
  • View and print pink cards
  • Submit change requests
  • Submit a claim, including pictures
  • Receive push notifications or an email from your brokerage

If your customer is an Intact client, truMobile will also connect with Intactโ€™s Client Centre.


Your business gets a whole lot more than just an insurance mobile app to offer customers. Your brokerage will be able to:

  • Reduce service calls
  • Easily process change requests
  • Submit claims on behalf of clients quickly
  • Send messages directly to clients via push notification or email
  • Gain insights and identify opportunities with reports
  • Put yourself ahead of the competition

Brand Your Insurance Broker App

We customize the appearance of our insurance mobile application to match your brokerageโ€™s brand. Your colours and logo will all be integrated into the appโ€™s appearance. You can also upload custom images and banners to display, too! That allows you to update with promotions, reminders, or just change with the seasons to keep it fresh.


How truMobile is Different

Trufla specializes in mobile app development for insurance brokers, so our teams of talented developers were able to create an intuitive mobile phone app โ€“ and a backend that improves your business. Because we specialize in the insurance industry, we understood what insurance brokerages and their customers needed. We arenโ€™t just some lowest-bidder developer โ€“ weโ€™re an insurance mobile app company.

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