About Trufla

Trufla Technology is an insurtech that focuses on helping brokers and agencies leverage the power of digital in order to solve some of their biggest problems.

Our product suite includes lead management, custom raters, mobile apps, digital score cards, and more.

Our headquarters are in Calgary, Canada with a satellite office in Cairo, Egypt. We have a team of 60 specialists and we are continuing to grow. We offer our solutions to insurance brokers and agencies around the world.

Executive Team

Sherif Gemayel


Sherif Gemayel is an entrepreneur who is passionate about disrupting the traditional ways of doing insurance. As the president of Sharp Insurance and the CEO of Trufla Technology, Sherif uses tech trends from other industries to navigate through the relatively unchartered territory of digital in the insurance brokerage sphere.

Dave Duncan

VP, Digital Strategy & Operations

Dave’s 20-year industry experience and proven digital marketing success record has been a game-changer for us. Dave jumps hurdles for his team and his clients. He can jump really high because he trained in Cuba with Javier Sotomayer, world record holder in the high jump.

Wassim Salib

VP, Development

Our secret weapon, Wassim has personally developed some of our most sophisticated tools and customer service portals that have created ripples in the insurance industry. Wassim has the world’s largest hot sauce collection…at least we think so.

Walid El Alfy

VP, Software Development Operations

Prior to coming to Trufla, Walid worked in the banking and financial software industry for more than 15 years as a Sr. Manager, Banking Software Solution Delivery at International Turnkey Systems (ITS).

Our Core Values

Our core values represent who we are today and who we aim to be tomorrow. They are our five pillars that represent everything that is good at Trufla Technolgy and our foundation for growth, inspiration, strength and ingenuity.

Be Innovative
We strive to never be cliché. We don’t think outside the box because we were never in the box to begin with.

Be Empowered
We empower our people, at every level, to make important decisions and resolutions that will make a difference in our lives and the lives of our clients.

Be Exceptional
We embrace learning opportunities and work to grow our knowledge base. We aim to be recognized as thought leaders in both the insurance and technology industries.

Be Connected
We hire great people. We appreciate and nurture our growing network of industry influencers internally and externally.

Be Creative
We foster creativity and champion a culture of optimization, collaboration, and fun!

Trufla Delivery Methodology

User Experience (UX) looks at how users interact with your brand – be it through a website, an app, a video, a marketing campaign, or a product. A great user experience meets the exact needs of your target audiences, is simple and elegant to use, and offers a seamless merger of technology, creativity, and design.

At Trufla, UX is at the heart of everything we do. With each digital product, we focus on creating rich experiences that will meet your business objectives and leave your audiences with a positive and lasting impression.

Our approach to UX is simple:

We make things easy to use.

We carry out five key stages for every project:
Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Together, these “5 Ds” are both our philosophy and our process.

To achieve this, we have formed multiple agile teams, each owning the delivery of a portfolio of products and/or projects. Each of these self-organizing, cross-functional teams focus on developing an environment with strong communications and collaboration related to the iterative launch of deliverables.

Our History

Trufla’s story began with the creation of two companies: EMethod and Sharp Mobile Technology. EMethod was first founded in 2010, with a focus on killer SEO services. They took the world by storm, optimizing online sales for businesses across the country. Once contracted to work for Sharp Insurance and showing unprecedented results for some of the most difficult and competitive keywords in the industry, Sharp decided to purchase EMethod.

In the meantime, in 2014, Sharp Mobile Technology was founded by Sharp Insurance. Sharp Mobile was born out of market demand to support brokerages who were struggling to satisfy their customers’ digital needs. They had just created an online customer portal and app for 24-7 insurance self-service including pink cards, payments and policy updates.

One crisp winter day, the two companies realized they were essentially doing the same thing, which was digitizing the broker channel but they were approaching it from either side of the customer journey. They dreamed of a world where they could work together to digitize and optimize the entire customer journey from search to conversion, to customer and retention. The two companies decided to join forces in February of 2018 to provide a full suite of products from lead acquisition (digital advertising and SEO), lead conversion (website), to lead management and client management tools. And that’s how Trufla came to be!

Join Our Team!

Working at Trufla is more than just a job. We have re-imagined what an office should be! Did you know the average person spends around 2,000 at work every year? That’s crazy, and probably more time than you spend in any other area of your life. We wanted to make time at Trufla awesome.