truWeb: Digital Marketing for Insurance Agencies

truWeb is a digital sales platform built with functionality and beauty at its core and designed for online marketing in the insurance space. truWeb’s all-in-one website features lead-converting product pages, and accessible DIY attributes that allow you to manage your website to help you save time and money.

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truWeb Spotlight Features

Optimized at every level to increase conversions

  • Platform is optimized for SEO – increases search visibility for many brokerages just by moving to truWeb.
  • UX/UI for desktop/mobile to convert visitors into leads.
  • Increase site speed + improve security + accessibility. Achieves the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility certification, with our Accessibility Plus Module, that is required by many provinces/states (I.e. – Ontario’s AODA law).

One place for all your website needs

  • Maintenance and hosting services.
  • Dedicated support team and training programs.
  • Use of content and insurance focused website modules.

Easy-to-use DIY platform

  • Accessible templates available for your Home Page, Contact Us Page, and more.
  • Regular website content changes.
  • Create pop-up messaging and landing pages for emergency communications.

Quote forms designed for the insurance industry

  • Forms capture relevant information to get a quote on all lines of insurance.
  • Developed to be easy, quick, with low abandon rates.
  • Insurance form templates & modules.

Why choose truWeb for your brokerage

There is no better time to amplify your online presence via your website. How? By increasing your visibility and converting traffic into leads. Unlike non-industry specific solutions that deliver a one-size-fits-all solution, truWeb is designed for online marketing for insurance brokers and the insurance distribution channel.

Don’t waste time and money investing in programs that don’t understand 1. how you operate, and 2. don’t know your customers or your industry. At Trufla, we know your brokerages’ business so it’s easier for us to take care of your needs, including your product pages, website structure, site performance, and more.

How truWeb is Different

Our truWeb platform doesn’t let your website get stale and drop behind the competition. We’ve all been there. We set up our website and then let it go by the wayside, as other parts of the business take precedence.

Through truWeb, we manage your website and give it regular audits, updates and required maintenance as part of the basic package. The truWeb platform keeps your site at the same quality the day it went live. We also make sure it’s insurance-focused.

We stand out above the competition as our websites are engineered and coded to be a lot faster than the average brokerage’s site on mobile and desktop devices. Why is this important? Because site speed is a significant factor in user experience, conversions, and a website’s ability to rank in search engines.

The truWeb platform and infrastructure are regularly monitored and optimized to keep the experience that is delivered on the platform fast.

Still not convinced? Here are additional benefits and features.

truWeb Features & Benefits for Your Brokerage

  • One centralized place for your website and digital needs.
  • Aesthetically beautiful and powered for insurance.
  • DIY pages empower your team to manage your website when you want. Forget developer fees, you can customize your insurance product templates.
  • Insurance focused modules, templates, quoting modules, market reviews, news aggregation.
  • Advanced accessibility module.
  • Created with the optimal user experience and the fastest load speed to ease the customers’ ability to buy insurance.
  • Ongoing optimization of the platform for speed, performance, accessibility, mobile and SEO best practices.
  • Integrates with all Trufla products.

truWeb is not just a website; it’s a digital storefront designed to help you sell insurance. We’ve created a seamless solution that includes the customer journey from site viability to visitor conversion. But don’t take our word for it. Let us show you what we can do for your brokerage.

truWeb Package Overview

We have created different package levels to meet the unique needs of your brokerage.

An Overview

Foundation: The baseline package includes our main services, including a branded website, hosting, 20 web pages, on-site optimization, accessibility, performance optimization, and quarterly performance reporting. Single page forms and insurance-focused modules (standard content module & news/blogs) are also added.

Advanced: This package includes all the above Foundation benefits PLUS up to 2 hours/month of support requests, 40 total website pages, and insurance-focused modules (marketing landing pages).

Professional: This package includes the Foundation features above PLUS a total of 80 website pages, monthly reporting, up to 4 hours/month support, multi-step forms, loyalty/partner programs, and other insurance-focused modules.

Custom: your custom website is built around what your brokerage needs and your budget.

*All packages include a monthly recurring licensing fee that includes regular updates, quarterly analytics reports, maintenance and updates, hosting, the ability to add premium insurance modules, and security updates to keep your website fresh, relevant, and safe.

Why your brokers will love truWeb

Managing a website doesn’t have to be scary, nor does it need to go to costly developers every time you want a new page created or a change on your site. We believe in empowering brokers to do business the way they want and when they want.

With truWeb, your team can:

  • Create new product landing pages with our easy-to-use templates.
  • Generate landing pages instantly for selling and pitching to clients.
  • Develop and manage new blog posts.
  • Manage and track leads with our optional truLeads integration.
  • Make content changes to your website in minutes.
  • Produce pop-up messaging for emergencies.
  • Use a fully dedicated support team for some packages

Previously, you may have had to wait days or weeks for a developer to make a few simple changes to your website. With truWeb, we’re putting the power into your team’s hands — because these days, speed matters. Whether you’re in the middle of crisis communications or your brokers have a vital meeting, you need to be prepared. With truWeb, you won’t have to wait on a third-party developer again.

Turn more visitors into customers

It’s simple really. Your potential customers are looking for a fast, clean and simple experience when they visit your website. If they get that from you, they will give you their business. We’re here to present your brand in a beautiful and compelling way, while pointing your visitors in the right direction to get a quote.

What your visitors don’t see is how fast your website is loading, how every call-to-action is designed to attract their eye, and how we’ve optimized your website, so your brokerage is visible on search engine results, increasing your web traffic.

How we help you convert more visitors:

  • Our exceptional user experience, design and structure
  • Fast site speed for mobile and desktop
  • Site is optimized for a mobile experience
  • Easy quote forms that take seconds to complete

Find out how we can improve your website with truWeb.

truWeb Plans

An all-in-one web solution that carves your business towards greater visibility and a better user experience for clients.

truWeb empowers brokers to do business their way.

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