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Digital marketing is now an integral part of any marketing strategy. But what does digital marketing for insurance agents look like? How can insurance be marketed online? What are the first steps and how do you get to the next level? Each digital journey is different, but all brokerages can harness this digital sales platform with some help.

Your potential customers are researching, shopping and socializing online. Theyโ€™re using search engines and social media to find insurance companies and insurance brokers โ€“ checking reviews, learning about your business, and, if the can, making purchases. Here at truWeb, we understand and execute effective insurance internet marketing that will help your brokerage succeed online. We transform your website into a sales platform that will help your business generate revenue.

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How can I gain business through marketing insurance online with truWeb?

truWeb is an expert at marketing insurance online. We can help your insurance brokerage/agency in more than a few ways:

  • Make potential customers more aware of your business.

    The digital world is pretty crowded. truWebโ€™s digital marketing for insurance agencies helps you stand out. Appearing on social media and search engines helps your brand become recognizable. Even if theyโ€™re not ready to purchase, it increases the change an individual will consider your business down the road.

  • Put your brokerage where people are researching and purchasing.

    Your brokerage needs to be in front of your potential customers at critical moments. When theyโ€™re researching their insurance options or ready to make a purchase, your business needs to be there. Online insurance marketing with truWeb helps your agency show up where and when youโ€™re most likely to get a lead and sale.

  • Get you ahead of competitors who arenโ€™t focusing on their digital marketing.

    Many of your competitors have begun their digital journey, but every business will move at a different speed. Some donโ€™t prioritize insurance internet marketing yet โ€“ and thatโ€™s where you can get ahead. In other cases, you might be the one who needs to catch up with todayโ€™s trends. Either way, youโ€™ll need help from truWeb to edge out your competitors.

  • Increase your number of leads.

    Marketing insurance online is all about getting you leads. This means getting potential customers to visit your website and give you some information your team can follow up on to make the sale. This can get complicated, which is why truWeb helps brokerages develop a strategy and carry out a marketing campaign that brings you leads.

  • Help you convert leads into sales.

    This is a key step where many others fall short. Once youโ€™ve got the leads, you still need to convert them into sales to generate revenue. truWeb works with your team on strategies to improve your conversion rates which translates into overall success with digital marketing for your insurance brokerage.

How truWeb Uses Digital Marketing for Insurance Agencies

truWeb carries out digital marketing for insurance agents through advertising and marketing online or digitally. This includes social media, email, and search engine marketing and advertising. This generates visitor traffic for your brokerageโ€™s website, which is then used to gather leads and convert them into sales. This helps your brokerageโ€™s bottom line and increases your revenue.

truWeb goes beyond providing a pretty website and delivers a well-designed, appealing, interactive sales platform that will work across device types and perform well in search. That generates you leads and helps convert them to sales.

truWebโ€™s Services: Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

truWeb can help insurance brokers with the following digital marketing services:

  • Website Design
  • Website Testing and Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Performance Reports

We can help brokerages build a website that is tailored for generating business, not just one that looks good (although you get that, too). We also help you run effective digital marketing campaigns to turn on the taps for leads.


How truWeb Works

Our professional graphic designers and website developers will build you a beautiful, interactive website. Our search engine optimization experts will help tailor your website for search engines in order to drive traffic and generate leads. Our digital advertising experts will set up digital marketing campaigns tailored to your business in order to increase your website traffic and capture potential customers at the right time in their buying cycle.

That doesnโ€™t mean you give up control over your business. Youโ€™ll be able to easily manage your own website once itโ€™s complete. You also approve each stage of development. Youโ€™ll also have full oversight over your digital marketing campaigns including keyword choice, audience and goals. truWeb also provides insightful monthly reports with actionable recommendations.

Why is digital marketing for insurance companies valuable?

You may think that most of your business comes through referrals and in through your front door. But more and more consumers are socializing, researching, and purchasing online. Increasingly, they prefer to buy via the internet as well. Digital marketing for insurance agents allows them to build their brand and be found by potential customers. It also helps beget business, through lead generation and conversion to sales โ€“ and therefore, increases the overall revenue.

Think about it: if a potential customer received a recommendation from a current client, theyโ€™re probably still going to search your brokerage online. They might be looking for your exact location, your phone number, or maybe want to request a quote online. They may also be reading other reviews about your business or looking to learn about what you offer.

Once theyโ€™re on your website, how easy is it for them to get a quote? How quickly can they become a customer? This is an important part of digital marketing that is often overlooked: getting traffic to your website is great, but you need to be able to capture those leads and convert them into sales.

Digital marketing for insurance brokers is key because the world is digital. Your competition is also growing online, and if youโ€™re not there and proceeding down your digital journey, you will be left behind.

With truWeb, we work with your business to develop a good digital marketing strategy that addresses the different aspects of online insurance marketing. This includes your website, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, and lead management.

Digital marketing for insurance companies or agents doesnโ€™t have to be difficult. Partner with truWeb to see exactly how powerful a website and digital marketing for insurance can be.

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