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Leveraging Digital Insurance Solutions for Radical Progress

Our data powered technology encompasses the entire broker ecosystem, built to let you plug and play. It’s that easy.

Trufla enhances brokerage marketing with digital-forward insurance solutions allowing you to tackle insurance industry problems in an effective manner while simultaneously reducing strain so you can handle more tasks. Our specialists develop solutions for your agency to help you get ahead of the competition, improve profitability, increase retention and sales, and push for growth in an innovative fashion.

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Let Our Tech Do the Heavy Lifting

Running an agency or brokerage can be daunting, so adopting technology that relieves broker burnout, increases retention and sales, and improves profitability can help you reach your growth targets, manage expectations, and more.

Learn about our all-in-one self-service and automation tool.

Insurance Self-Service Portal


Our insurtech technicians offer insurance broker software solutions that automates time-consuming administrative tasks. The tech solutions allow brokers to focus more on client-centric, strategic aspects of their roles. Trufla has also introduced additional cutting-edge technologies to expedite your brokerage’s email marketing campaigns, lead management processes, and data analytics – tech that has revolutionized how insurance is delivered, enhancing the experience for both your staff and for your agency’s clients.


You don’t need a marketing team to send automated email marketing messages to your clients. In under a minute, send new business automated emails with policy info or automated renewal emails without any manual input. Save hundreds of people-hours, increase retention, and put your brand at the forefront.


Automation allows your agency to streamline insurance agency processes, reclaim valuable time, and enhance operational efficiency. By automating time-consuming tasks and routines, like policy generation, data entry, and documentation management, brokers can redirect their efforts toward higher-value activities, such as building client relationships with tailored insurance advice. 

This streamlined workflow not only expedites daily processes, but it also greatly minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry regulations. The centralization of client data via automated systems facilitates quicker access to information and ensures brokers can access more personalized and relevant services – faster.

Customer Communications Tool


There is nothing else like it in the market! Our Retention AI tool scans your entire book of business in nanoseconds to identify clients who will likely cancel with you. Save the business, increase your retention, and grow your brokerage with data-powered technology. Did we mention it’s super easy to use?

Retention AI


The future of predictive analytics holds immense promise throughout various industries, going beyond even insurance. While predictive analytics is essential technology for insurance brokers, they also have the benefit of being advantageous across multiple industries.

For insurance agencies, the integration of AI and machine learning allows predictive models to handle larger and more complex datasets, enabling your agency to gain deeper insights into trends and handle situations where systems predict the likelihood your clients are going to leave you for a competitor. Take a proactive approach to your customer relationships by utilizing this data and leveraging your knowledge of patterns to curate your approach to customer interactions to maintain, and boost, your retention.

Here are highlights of how predictive analytics can help your agency:

  • Optimize customer acquisition.
  • Personalize the customer experience.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Data-driven insights.
  • Effective marketing strategies.


Broker Dashboard: Beyond your BMS Reports

Having lots of data at your disposal is great, but if your BMS can’t tell you what that data means, what’s the point? Our broker dashboard gives you insight into your book of business. Make informed decisions with the live data from operations to sales and marketing.


Automated insurance solutions, like our broker dashboard, expand beyond offering BMS reports by providing:

  • Real-time insights (where a BMS typically uses periodic data snapshots resulting in outdated decisions and insights.)
  • Greater efficiency and speed by streamlining processes and eliminating manual data collection.
  • Customization and personalization (where a BMS typically has limited options.)
  • Data visualization, predictive analysis, and reduced error risk.

BMS reports typically struggle to adapt to changing requirements, where digital insurance solutions, like Trufla’s offerings, can scale and are easily customized as your agency’s needs evolve. A BMS only focuses on specific areas in its reports, missing out on otherwise valuable cross-functional insights. Trufla’s insurance technology solutions excel by offering a more holistic view of agency operations, integrating data from all areas.

Trufla’s automated software for insurance agencies provides real-time data, efficiency, customization, predictive capabilities, better data visualization, and much more. Can your BMS reports do that?

BMS Dashboard

AI-Powered Insurance Technology: FAQs 

AI technology offers a range of benefits to the insurance industry, enhancing the accuracy of risk assessment by analyzing detailed data patterns and leading to more precise and accurate marketing, strategy, and even underwriting decisions. AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots greatly improve customer interactions, providing personalized recommendations and instant support. This can also expedite claims processes via automated document analysis and fraud detection, improving the odds of quicker payouts and reduced costs.

Automation equips insurance brokers with the tools to respond to customer inquiries more accurately, while also providing top-notch service in a manner that doesn’t add on to any existing workload. In fact, automation takes away from the stress of having to handle menial tasks manually, and even enables brokers the opportunity to automate administrative tasks like claims processing and policy issuance. Brokers have more time to handle more delicate tasks and can dedicate their hours towards handling client interactions that require more of a personal touch. This boosts customer satisfaction and positions brokers as reliable and responsive members in the industry.

Automation streamlines the end-to-end workflow of insurance brokers, enhancing efficiency across various stages. Automated lead generation tools identify potential clients based on specified criteria, ensuring brokers focus their efforts on high-potential prospects. Policy management becomes more efficient as automated systems organize and update policy details, making it easier to provide clients with accurate information. During claims processing, automation expedites document verification and assessment, resulting in quicker settlements and improved client satisfaction. Overall, this increased workflow efficiency enables brokers to handle more business effectively and maintain a competitive edge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) powers the algorithms behind predictive analysis, enabling the automation of data processing, model building, and continuous learning. AI enhances the speed, accuracy, and adaptability of predictive models, making them more effective in delivering actionable insights for insurance agencies.

Predictive analysis benefits both large and small insurance agencies. While larger agencies might have more resources to invest, smaller agencies can leverage scalable solutions and third-party services to harness predictive analysis advantages.