Your leads are valuable. Not having a system in place to manage them is like throwing money away!

Can you believe that a lot of brokers and agencies are still managing their leads through emails, Excel spreadsheets, and by memory? Traditionally, leads were created by outbound sales, so each broker or producer would have to track their own leads. Nowadays, most leads are created by inbound marketing which means it’s imperative that your company has a centralized place to manage and organize all leads.

Inbound marketing uses strategies such as SEO, AdWords, Facebook ads or any other form of advertising to drive traffic to your website. The result is to get leads that call in or fill out a form on your site.

If you are not using a good lead management platform that allows you to automate your communication to leads, track conversions, and run reports, than you are leaving a LOT of money on the table! One of the easiest ways of increasing sales in your organization is by implementing a good lead management platform that is seamlessly integrated with your website.

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10 Secrets to Generating Quality Insurance Leads

Step by step guide to get a roadmap to help you unlock the levels in order to generate quality leads for your brokerage.

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