Transition into the Future with Quote, Bind, Issue Insurance Software from truLeads

The insurance industry is digitizing and brokers are increasingly using technology in order to make their business more effective and efficient. The foundation of success for converting leads into customers is a good lead management system. truLeads gives brokerages this foundation for lead management but we’re ready to take the next step into the future. Instead of just managing the lead like any CRM, truLeads allows brokers to truly digitize their products within truLeads so that they can quote, bind, and issue insurance. Brokers can give a quote on the fly and automate sending documents to their leads and customers – no more quoting outside of your CRM. Transition into the future and use one seamless platform with truLeads.

The Value of Quote, Bind, Issue Insurance Software

A good lead management system like truLeads is critical to a brokerage’s success. It enables brokers to prioritize, follow up, and track leads. It also allows brokerages to analyze staff performance. With truLeads, you get a lead management CRM that improves your ability to convert leads into customers. This is taken to the next step with the addition of a quote, bind, issue insurance system.

This evolution allows brokers to further improve their efficiency, conversion rate, and customer experience.

Increased Efficiency for Brokers

The addition of quote, bind, issue insurance software makes lead management even easier for brokers because they don’t need to quote outside of the system anymore. Previously, brokers had to leave truLeads in order to quote a lead. If the quote was accepted by the lead, the broker would then need to bind and issue the policy outside of the platform as well.

But now, you can quote, bind, and issue insurance inside of truLeads. That makes the entire lead-to-customer conversion process far more efficient for brokers. No need to switch systems or go back and forth. You can carry out the entire process from lead to customer on truLeads. Even better, sending documents to potential customers is even easier because it’s automated. This saves brokers a ton of time!

Boosted Conversion Rates

Increased efficiency helps boost conversion rates too. Since brokers are no longer navigating between different platforms, the process is easier and faster. Speed is everything when you’ve got a hot lead, and truLeads quote, bind, and issue software paired with the lead management tool gives brokerages an edge.

Improved Customer Experience

With truLeads, finding insurance is less arduous for consumers. Leads are prioritized so that someone who’s ready to buy will be addressed first. Potential customers aren’t waiting forever for brokerages to get back to them with a quote. Now, they’re waiting even less time for a quote and once they’ve decided to purchase, they’ll get their policy documents automatically.

Quote, Bind and Issue Insurance with truLeads

truLeads is a powerful tool for brokerages to improve their business. Features include:

  • Lead management
  • Store client information (CRM)
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Quote, bind, issue insurance
  • Automated workflows
  • Analytics and reports

We’ve tailored all these features for the insurance industry and allow you to customize them for your business, helping your brokerage be more successful.

Lead Management with truLeads

Lead management is critical to success for brokerages. You need to be able to prioritize prospects, follow up effectively, and track your leads. truLeads allows you to easily manage your leads. With automated workflows, follow up reminders, integrated text and email follow-ups, analytic insights and more, your brokers are set up for success.

Once your lead is ready to purchase, you’ll be able to quote, bind, and issue their insurance directly from the truLeads platform – taking lead management to the next level.

truLeads as a CRM

Part of effective lead management is having the right information from your clients. truLeads is set up as a simple CRM with contact details such as their name, phone number, email address, and company. You can also add a custom field to track any other important information. You’ll also be able to track touchpoints, assign tasks and reminders based on the contact, and send or review email and SMS marketing messages.

This information is valuable when you go to quote a prospect – you’ll have the info you need to provide a quick quote. When you move forward to binding and issuing an insurance policy, that information will be easily accessible within the same platform. No switching between systems!

Email and SMS Marketing

Part of an effective lead management tool is being able to quickly follow up. truLeads has integrated email and SMS marketing which keeps this simple. Send individual messages or add prospects to a workflow to automate the work. Save time while still effectively touching base with leads.

Quote, Bind, Issue Insurance Software

One of the biggest assets of truLeads is the ability to quote, bind and issue insurance within the platform. No switching to another insurance system to quote or issue the policy! That makes your staff more efficient because it’s faster and easier for them. It also makes the process quicker for your potential customers, too.

The Power of Automation

Automation lets brokers focus on more complex and critical work. truLeads offers marketing automation with workflows that sends text messages and/or emails to your leads at a predetermined time, based on their source, stage in the buying funnel, and other qualifying factors.

We’ve also automated sending documents: quotes and issued policies. Not only is this easier for your staff, but it’s also preferable to your customers, who will never have to wait for their documents.

Analytics and Reporting

Data helps you make informed business decisions. truLeads analytics and reporting provide comprehensive tracking of your staff and your leads. You can identify where your leads come from, how successful each staff member is at closing a sale, reason the prospect was lost, timing of contacts, and the effectiveness of specific text and email messaging.

Technology for Brokers

truLeads is specifically designed for brokers. We bring the technology to you and tailor it to the insurance industry and your business. We want to make it as easy as possible for your brokers to do their jobs and for your business
to succeed. That’s why we’ve taken our lead management tool to the next level to include quote, bind, issue insurance software.

Whether you’re starting your digital journey or are already a digital leader, our solutions can help your brokerage become more efficient and effective. Grow your business with Trufla. Contact us today to see truLeads in action
for yourself.

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