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Reduce Quoting Time by 75%

Leverage real-time home and auto rating, autofill fields, and portal uploads to significantly cut down on quoting time. Don’t let slow processes be the reason a potential customer turns to your competitors.

Speed is key. With truMarket you’re always ahead.

Home and Auto Quoting

Automate and expedite the quoting process with real-time home and auto
quotes boosted by our AI-Engine, Trudi

Realtime Autoplus Autofill and Grid Calculator

Say goodbye to the tedious task of interpreting PDF AutoPlus reports and manually calculating grid scores. With truMarket, Real-time AutoPlus Autofill and Grid Calculator streamlines these processes, making them automatic and error-free.

Auto Populate House Details

Experience seamless and swift quoting with our iClarify plugin, which automatically fills in house details for
you. Eliminate manual data entry and accelerate your workflow with truMarket’s innovative solution

Real-Time Collaboration

Enhance communication between brokers, clients, and underwriters for faster,
more effective bind times.

Automated Drip Marketing

Increase your bind ratios with automated drip marketing targeted to
get your leads engaged, nurtured, and ready to bind.

Policy Documents

Simplify policy binding with in-app e-signature and direct portal uploads, making the process seamless and straightforward.

Stay Connected with Ease

Email directly in truMarket, share forms and edocs, and collaborate like never before with your customers.

Easy-View Activities

See all your activities in one place. Filter by activity type and add your own new activity to your client file.

CRM for Today’s Clients

Manage your clients effortlessly in today’s digital landscape, from direct emails to omni-channel requests, all within truMarket.

Data and Reporting

Get full visibility on lead source KPIs, Sales KPI by Rep, Sales targets and more

Fully Configurable

Customize truMarket CRM to fit your unique workflows and business needs, ensuring efficiency and ease at every step.