Effective, Automated Insurance Email Marketing with truLeads

Email marketing is an effective, low cost digital marketing tool that can help you improve your conversion rate, boost sales, and increase revenue for your brokerage. Automated insurance email marketing further increases your efficiencies and potential for success. truLeads makes email marketing for insurance brokers or agents simple, so that your brokerage can take advantage of this powerful tool.

The Benefits of Insurance Email Marketing with truLeads

Automated personalized email marketing helps you nurture your clients towards a sale and keeps things efficient in your brokerage. It’s key to contact your prospects at the right time, via the right method. truLeads helps you meet consumer expectations, nurture your leads, and reduce the workload for your brokers. As a result, you’ll see an improvement in your conversion rates, a boost in sales, and an increase in your revenue.

Meet Consumer Expectations

People respond to email marketing and in many cases expect an email follow up – especially if they’ve contacted you via your website. With truLeads, insurance email marketing is made simple. Our lead management platform allows you to send emails directly to prospects as well as enrolls them in automated email campaigns, where emails are triggered based on their stage in your sales funnel and the time allotted.

Nurture Your Leads to a Sale

Lead nurturing is all about developing a relationship with your prospect. You need to communicate with them at the right time, with the right message, via the right channel. Email marketing is a big part of this. truLeads makes it easier for your brokerage to manage leads and convert them into customers by allowing you to track touchpoints, create lead nurture workflows, and send automated or templated emails.

Reduce the Workload for Your Brokers

How long does your staff spend reaching out to clients? truLeads is email marketing for insurance brokers, designed by insurance brokers. We take the difficulty out of the process with our lead management platform. Your brokers will be able to easily view and follow up with prospects with our dashboard, custom email templates, task lists, and reminders. Plus, they can leave notes on the lead for easier collaboration with coworkers.

Our automated workflows make it even easier for your staff – they don’t have to do a thing! Your prospects will be automatically enrolled, with emails triggered by action, timing, and stage in your sales funnel. We make it incredibly easy. Your brokers won’t waste time writing emails all day – it’s done for them.

Improve Your Conversion Rates and Boost Sales

With an effective lead nurturing campaign and lead management, you’ll be better positioned to convert your prospects into customers. Email marketing does the basic follow up work for you. Your staff will be able to focus on the most qualified leads and allow them to deal with more leads per head. When they’re not bogged down with the mundane work, they’ll be able to close more sales.

Increase Revenue

Not only does insurance email marketing contribute to better conversion rates and sales (which means more revenue for your brokerage), your staff is made more effective and more efficient. Plus, email marketing is both low cost and effective, reducing your bottom line even as your profits increase.

How truLeads Delivers Email Marketing for Insurance Brokers

truLeads incorporates insurance email marketing as part of its lead management platform. Not only can you send personalized individual messages, but you can also create custom email templates and automated email drip campaigns to nurture your leads towards a sale.

Customization, Personalization and Automation with truLeads

Every brokerage is different, which is why we offer complete customization in our insurance email marketing. Create email templates that reflect your brand and business which can either be sent as a standalone email or added to a workflow for email automation. Choose your subject, from name and email address, the reply-to email, and, of course, the body of your email. You can also add links, images, and formatting.

You can automatically populate many aspects of your email, including:

  • Lead name
  • Lead email
  • Lead company
  • Assigned broker’s name
  • Assigned broker’s email
  • Trackable links

These all allow personalization of your email, developing the relationship between prospect and broker.

Once you’ve designed your email, you can add it to a workflow. This is where your emails will be triggered based on action or stage of the workflow and timing. These are also completely customizable. Going back to our quote example, you could set up your workflow to send an email to your new lead right away, 3 days later, and then 10 days later.

Lead Management

Our email marketing for insurance brokers is delivered through a lead management lens. Our insurance email marketing is set up to help you effectively and efficiently manage your prospects and convert them into customers. In addition to email, our lead management software allows you to easily track and manage leads.

Try Email Marketing now and see the results yourself!