Website plug-in: Get a rate in seconds 

Qualify your website visitors in seconds with our AI-powered rate predictor 

Focus your time on the right leads 

It can be challenging to know which leads to focus your time on, especially if you’re trying to increase your bind ratios. We take the guess work out of prioritizing your lead engagement strategy.  

How it works: 

  • We plug in our AI rate predictor to your site 
  • Visitors can get a quick quote in seconds 
  • If a quote is liked, the visitor inputs contact information 
  • You get a hot lead ready to buy insurance 

We have the Data to back it up 

Our rate predictor uses millions of anonymized data points to predict within 90% accuracy, a person’s insurance rate. You don’t need a live quoter, you just need our plug in to generate more leads and sales to your brokerage.