SMS Marketing for Insurance Brokers: Improve Your Conversion Rate with truLeads

Email marketing is an effective, low cost digital marketing tool that can help you improve your conversion rate, boost sales, and increase revenue for your brokerage. Automated insurance email marketing further increases your efficiencies and potential for success. truLeads makes email marketing for insurance brokers or agents simple, so that your brokerage can take advantage of this powerful tool.

Opportunity in Text Messaging for Insurance Brokers

One area that is largely untapped by the insurance industry is text message or SMS marketing. For insurance brokers, this type of digital marketing could give them an edge against their competition, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue. How? You’re meeting customers where and when they want to communicate. The open rate for text messages is incredible – and you can capitalize by sending your leads timely, relevant automated messages to help convert them into sales.

But we understand that knowing how and when to send these messages isn’t easy. That’s why truLeads provides SMS marketing for insurance brokers as part of our lead management system.

How truLeads Helps Insurance Brokers Use Text Messaging to Improve Conversion Rates

Lead management is all about tracking where a lead is in your sales funnel, identifying your touchpoints and effectively communicating to nurture that lead into a sale. SMS is an important method of communication that is highly effective in delivering your message to a prospect. SMS marketing for insurance brokers is all about knowing the right time to follow up – and having the technology to do so.

Get the Competitive Edge with SMS Marketing

With the proliferation and accessibility of mobile phones, it’s no wonder more and more consumers say they prefer communicating via SMS. Meeting customers where they are gives you a competitive edge over other brokerages – you add a touchpoint and use a method of communication that your potential clients are more inclined to pay attention to and respond to. That greatly increases your chance of a sale.

But despite the digital revolution occurring in the insurance industry, SMS marketing is largely underutilized. Set your brokerage apart and nurture your leads effectively with text messaging. For insurance brokers, this can seem daunting. But with truLeads, it’s quite easy.

Improve Conversion Rates and Increase Revenue

SMS marketing is proven to have very high open and engagement rates. This means your leads are more likely to open, read, and interact with the text messages you send. Nurturing your leads via SMS marketing can improve
your conversion rates – and that means an increase in sales and overall revenue. TruLeads provides text messaging as just one part of its lead management and lead nurturing capabilities, allowing your brokerage to capitalize on
this opportunity.

Text Messaging for Insurance Brokers is Scalable with truLeads

Some brokers may already be sending text messages to individual clients. But scaling this is difficult without support. TruLeads makes it easy to send messages to all your prospects. You can send individual messages or set up automated texts as part of your lead nurture campaign.

Our software allows you to build custom, personalized message templates to ensure each SMS is relevant to each prospect. You can add a text message to any stage in a workflow, which will trigger automatically. You can easily sort your contact by various criteria to send a manual SMS at any time, as well.

Text Messaging is Trackable

Every interaction sent from the truLeads platform is trackable. Not only can you record details of text messages, emails, phone calls, and in-person interactions, you can see where the prospect is in your sales funnel or sales workflow. Set follow-up reminders, assign tasks and monitor progress. You’ll be able to monitor your staff’s performance as well as the success of your SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing for Insurance Brokers

One of the best things about truLeads is that it’s built for insurance brokers by insurance brokers. We understand the insurance industry and the needs of both the brokerage and the insurance customer. Our software makes it easy for your brokers to collaborate and be successful. We take care of the technical parts – you just need to craft your message. We’re making SMS marketing easy for insurance brokers.

Contact Trufla today to see for yourself how effective and easy SMS marketing can be for your insurance brokerage.

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