What is truScore?

truScore gives you a complete picture of your digital sales funnel so you know where to invest in order to drive growth. Combining our proprietary digital aptitude measurement tool with our in-depth market and sales analysis program, we believe in an integrated data-driven approach to identifying your growth areas. Our team also analyzes your insurance brokerage’s digital reach and marketing and sales aptitude against your competitors.

The Digital Reach (DR) score showcases a variety of sources and metrics, including your website’s findability, accessibility and performance. The score reflects a brokerages’ ability to attract online traffic and shows the overall strength of its digital properties. The Marketing & Sales Aptitude (MSA) provides a score on digital marketing capabilities, operations and sales processes.

Our Mystery Shopping Program is a detailed analysis hitting all the key metrics needed to convert your leads into a sale. That includes how fast an online lead is responded to, how many follow ups were attempted, and type of platform used for lead communications. We measure home, auto, recreational and small business product lines, giving you valuable insight into your sales process.

Whether you plan to implement improvements on your own or work with Trufla, truScore reporting provides you with key metrics and insights on where your digital and sales efforts should be focused and how you are progressing over time. For digital beginners to experts, our insurance brokerage digital assessment tool enables you stay focused on the efforts that will help you achieve your targeted results. The Trufla team will work with you to understand your score and support your efforts to build your digital roadmap.

truScore: 4 Spotlight Features

Key Metric Measurement Tool

  • Evaluate your brokerage’s digital reach score using a variety of metrics and sources (e.g. site speed, SEO, trust, authority).
  • Measure your digital marketing and sales aptitude, including digital marketing capabilities, operations, and sales processes with our comprehensive mystery shopping program.

Tracks Your Online Traffic Patterns

  • Shows your website findability, link strength and reach
  • Indicates how well your website is performing (e.g. usability, accessibility, security, content, design).
  • Evaluates the reach of your social media presence.

Parallels Your Digital Reach Vs. Competitors

  • Compare the performance of your brokerage’s digital reach to other brokerages, direct writers, aggregators and insurance companies.
  • Digs deep to show the different elements of your digital reach strength – from how your website ranks to how user-friendly it is.

Evaluates Effectiveness of Converting your Web Visitors into Customers

  • Benchmarks operational factors for your brokerage against competitors that are vying for your existing and potential customers.
  • Mystery Shopping shows performance of handling leads through digital channels (e.g. response times, prospect follow-ups, etc.)

Go Lite or Go Pro

truScore Lite Features & Benefits:

  • Our one-time free Lite report is the starting point for your brokerage; an overview and comparison of your digital reach (website findability, site performance & usability, social media, and other vital indicators) compared to the competition.
  • A free 30-minute consult with one of our digital strategists to review your digital priorities.
  • Your digital assessment report details your digital reach score and where you land on the digital spectrum (e.g. segmented from “no website” to “digital expert”).
  • An introduction to the value you would receive by subscribing to a truScore Pro plan.

truScore Pro Features & Benefits:

  • A comprehensive look at your Digital Reach Score. The score will determine the strength of your digital properties (website, SEO, social media, email marketing, mobile devices, videos, etc.)
  • An annual subscription to truScore Pro includes quarterly reports with updates and recommendations.
  • A complete analysis of your brokerage’s marketing and sales aptitude (MSA) score measures the ability to turn leads into new business.
  • We evaluate the overall strength of your lead management performance.
  • Demonstration of how you can improve your digital reach, whether you’re already digitally established, or you lean towards operationally focused.
  • We assess your sales team’s response through in-depth secret shopper evaluations per quarter (workflow and follow-up strategies).
  • Discuss the next steps in a 1-hour consultation with a digital specialist (actionable strategies).

What can truScore do for your brokerage?

Who doesn’t want to find the optimal way to grow their brokerage? No one. At Trufla, we’ve made it easy to find the tools to make the transition from a stagnant or slow-moving brokerage to a fast and efficient one. A truScore report gives you a detailed snapshot of what you need to survive in an ever-changing digital space. We break down your scores across a myriad of parameters to help you identify areas that need your attention.

TruScore Benefits for your Brokerage:

  • Understand where you stand in the digital landscape and how to improve against your competitors for digital reach.
  • A quick but in-depth evaluation of your brokerage’s digital reach. An easy to read report gives you a final score report and guidelines on what you can do to improve your score.
  • Evaluate the truScore program with a no-obligation free Lite report.
  • Subscribe to our truScore Pro program to receive our full reports every quarter.
  • Ideal for every brokerage, no matter what stage you’re at: digital beginners to digital experts.
  • A great tool to gain insights into driving more traffic, leads, and customers for your brokerage.
  • Levels your social media reach against competitor benchmarks.
  • Determines whether your site is optimized for mobile devices and how you can improve its usability.
  • Looks at your SEO performance and provides tips on how to rank successfully.
  • Evaluates how your marketing and sales team is performing and what improvements can be made.

truScore isn’t another bland score report with graphs and charts. Our Digital Reach Score report shows you where you fit in the current digital landscape. It demonstrates what you’re missing, and most importantly how to improve your digital reach and get ahead of the competition.

We’ve created a proprietary tool that allows brokerages to choose what level of analysis they need to achieve their online goals in the brokerage space. Trufla offers a bunch of digital products and services to meet your needs.

Why Choose truScore for your Brokerage?

As a brokerage, you have enough on your plate these days. Why waste money on multiple subscriptions to determine your website’s effectiveness, get more leads or improve the relationship with your existing customers? Our single adaptable tool allows you to discover your digital strengths and improve on your weaknesses in one place.

Try our free truScore lite report to see the basics, then get into the nitty-gritty and subscribe to quarterly Pro reports for a regular close look at your brokerage’s online presence.

Why Your Brokerage Will Love truScore

Managing all the different parts of your website and tracking leads and existing customers can feel like you’re being pulled in many directions. Get one tool that helps you see the big picture of where your brokerage is and where it could be compared to your competitors in the insurance industry. Once you know your digital position, we help you navigate the right course of action to grow your brokerage.

What can your Team do with truScore? Your team will:

  • Receive recommendations on how to improve your digital reach score.
  • Create targeted content that brings in more customers.
  • Learn to improve your site speed so users are compelled to stay on your site longer, which boosts engagement.
  • Manage your sales team to increase and track leads better.

Whether you want regular in-depth performance analysis with truScore Pro, or you want to start with a sneak peek of your digital measurement with our free one-time truScore lite report, we have the tools for you!

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