truLeads: Revolutionizing Insurance Lead Management Software

What is an insurance lead management system?

An insurance lead management system or software should be at the core of any insurance agency or brokerage. This technology allows brokerages to communicate, manage and exchange information with their clients, internal staff, and associated insurance companies in an organized and trackable manner. Good insurance lead management software should have the following benefits:

  • Help brokers improve and maintain relationships with clients
  • Track leads and provide a framework for managing prospects
  • Feed into the agencyโ€™s sales funnel
  • Automated workflows
  • Store client information such as contact details, policy information and notes
  • Allow faster response times to enquiries
  • Reporting and performance tracking
  • Provide all-round better business management

truLeads offers all of the above and is specifically tailored for the insurance industry. It makes your brokerage more profitable because your staff will be able to easily track leads, identify the most valuable leads, and quickly follow up.

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Itโ€™s Time to Say Hello to Lead Management for Insurance

Are you still selling insurance the same way as 20 years ago? Of course not. So why would you be using the same software to manage your leads and sales?

Thanks to the digital transformation of the insurance industry, itโ€™s possible to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. In order to keep up with your competition, including insurance brokerages, agencies, and companies, your business needs to enter the digital age. This includes in investing in insurance lead management software.

If youโ€™re not using this technology, youโ€™ll be leaving money on the table. Your staff needs to be able to manage leads (especially digital leads) effectively and efficiently in order to maximize your sales. Lead management for insurance brokers includes tracking leads from the source to sale. It also involves communication: phone calls, emails, and even text messaging. Not only should this software allow you to improve your conversion rates and sale volumes, you should be able to track individual broker performance.

  • Dated Technology

    As the digital world has advanced, many insurance brokerages have failed to keep up. Decreasing efficiencies and a lack of connectivity has held brokers back from making the most of technology. This situation isnโ€™t helped by the expense and lack of knowledge surrounding digital development that many small-scale brokers struggle with.

  • Customer Expectations

    Customers expect an excellent experience โ€“ one thatโ€™s both prompt and positive. They demand 24/7 service and more and more consumers prefer digital communications. TruLeads is a lead management software for insurance that allows your business to deliver this experience.

  • Customer Support

    Brokers should be expected to know insurance, not technology. What systems they have should make their jobs easier so that they spend their time on activities that make money for your brokerage. The truLeads lead management software is built for insurance brokers and we provide training on how to use it.

  • Failure to Capitalize on Leads and Sales Opportunities

    One of the biggest challenges for insurance brokerages is tracking and following up on leads. With no options for automation, difficulty seeing where a lead is in the sales funnel and a lack of ability to track response times and conversions, leads are far more difficult to nurture. With truLeads, you can track all the above, making your sales process more efficient, more effective and more profitable.

Continuing without an insurance lead management system will mean jeopardizing your brokerageโ€™s competitive edge, customer satisfaction and potential to close new business.

truLeads: Lead Management for Insurance Brokers, Designed By Insurance Brokers

Until now, brokers havenโ€™t had much choice when it comes to insurance lead management software. While lead management systems have been around for some time, none have been developed for insurance specifically or addressed challenges from an insurance perspective. Thatโ€™s changed with truLeads, a powerful but easy-to-use lead management tool specifically designed for insurance.

  • For Brokerages, Designed by Brokers

    Insurance is a complicated industry. Brokerages and agencies operate a little differently than a traditional business. Here at Trufla, we understand that. Weโ€™ve designed lead management technology that will actually work for your insurance business.

  • The Latest Technology

    With automated text and emails, powerful reporting, and exceptional lead management capabilities, truLeads offers the latest in proven lead nurturing technology for brokers. Our software integrates with phone systems, email and text messaging marketing, and websites (including lead sources such as Insurance Hotline and Lowest Rates).

  • Exceed Customer Expectations

    Your staff will be able to quickly follow up with prospective clients with relevant, timely information. This helps nurture them through the sales process and improves your conversion rates. Your prospective customers will receive prompt replies regardless of how or when they find your business. With an improved experience, theyโ€™re more likely to do business with you.

  • Customer Support

    We want to make this easy for you, and thatโ€™s why truLeads is simple to use. We also provide training and prompt customer support.

  • Lead Management to Increase Sales

    Your potential customers contact you by phone, email, web form, or word of mouth โ€“ and truLeads allows you to manage all of these leads from start to finish. You can send automated texts and emails, collaborate with colleagues, create tasks and reminders, and easily organize leads.

truLeads Features Include:

  • Workflow and Task Management
  • Follow-Up Reminders
  • Alert User Notifications (for stagnant leads)
  • Collaboration Notes
  • Online, Easy-to-Use Reporting
  • Automated Texts and Email
  • Performance Tracking
  • Kanban-Style Workflows
  • Web Integration
  • Analytics Insights
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

This will improve your conversion rates and generate more new business.

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