No Lead Left Behind With TruLeads

truLeads is a simple, easy-to-use, but powerful leads management tool designed specifically for brokers to manage insurance leads. This is not a convoluted and bloated system designed for Fortune 500 companies that creates more work than necessary. We’ve built this tool from the ground up to help you manage your leads from start to finish. Plus, we’ve added email automation that takes literally minutes to set up to help you convert more leads.

Whether your leads come in via phone, web, or referral, truLeads is designed to help your brokers make the sale by optimizing workflows so your team can contact leads faster, follow up more, and engage prospects with automated drip campaigns.

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truLeads Spotlight Features

No lead left behind

  • Create your own workflows and lead stages
  • Create follow up email or text reminders to stay on top of your prospects
  • Assign specific roles, round robins and more

Complete insight into your sales funnel

  • Determine which verticals have higher conversions to target marketing efforts
  • Pull sales reports and download to Excel
  • Full transparency – manage sales team remotely

Automated Emails

  • Setup custom, personalized email templates
  • Add emails to any stage within a workflow
  • Emails are automatically triggered based on the stage and time allotted

Trufla Modules…….

Data Module

Create compelling data-rich content, increase rankings, get featured on Google, and increase leads with our new Data Module.

Location Module

Whether you’re a brokerage/agency with multiple locations or a Franchise, our mult-geolocation pages are the perfect solution for you.

Accessibility Module

Our Accessibility module meets and exceeds the WCAG 2.1 AA standards. If you’re currently with truWeb, your site is 100% compatible, if not we can help!

Why TruLeads For Your Brokerage?

How are your brokers currently managing their leads? Through a spreadsheet? Through another non-insurance specific platform? Do you know what lines of business are converting the best? Or which salespeople have the highest bind ratio? truLeads doesn’t just give you a better way to manage leads, but it gives you a clear line of sight into some of the most important data points that will help you grow your brokerage.

Here’s how truLeads can: 

  • All leads from all sources filter through truLeads workflows – no lead lost
  • Ability to pull reports on key performance areas including: Bind rations, lead follow ups, lines of business bound and lost, source performance and more
  • Ability for remote work visibility through management role
  • Create compelling drip campaigns and follow up alerts

Why Your Brokers Want TruLeads

There is nothing more frustrating for a broker than not having the right customer management tools. This is especially true for sales brokers. With truLeads, your sales team will be able to keep track of all their leads and help optimize their sales process.

Designed by insurance brokers for brokers, truleads will:

  • Be a one-stop platform for all leads
  • Not lose any leads, that could get buried in emails or phone calls
  • Allow brokers to move leads into different stages based on workflows
  • Allow brokers to create their own drip automation
  • Enable brokers to schedule reminders and follow ups

Trufla has customizable workflows and workflow templates that are geared towards all lines of insurance from home and auto to large commercial, all geared to optimize your brokers’ sales strategy.

Proven To Increase Sales Conversions

You know the old saying, the early bird catches the worm? Its the same for your online leads. In fact, the first broker to contact a lead is five times more likely to make sale! Even more, according to data derived from sales brokers across the country, lead conversion doesn’t happen until about the third or fourth follow up.

Here’s how your leads will turn into your customers:

  • Speed – be the first to contact a lead by receiving Realtime truLeads alerts.
  • Follow ups- Schedule reminders so your sales team never forgets to follow up with their prospects.
  • Automated and targeted email drip- stay top of mind with your prospects by scheduling drip automated drip campaigns to either help convert a quote given, or to bring prospects back into your sales funnel.

You pay a lot of money for your insurance leads, don’t waste it. Get the most out of your ROI with truLeads.