Retention AI

AI Powered Retention Tool


Using anonymized policy data, we use big data and AI to X-Ray your book of business to identify customers who will get better rates if they shop around before renewal. Save the sale, increase retention, and grow your profit margins with our retention AI plug-in.

Let Big Data Power Your Brokerage

Since 2014, we have been the customer self-service software provider for Canadians, gathering data from all over the country from a myriad of demographics. We have taken that data, anonymized it, and are building AI-powered tools to help you grow your business.


We know cancellations are most likely to occur at renewal because a customer tends to shop around and find better rates at that time. We created an intelligent tool that instantly identifies which of your clients will likely cancel because they can get a better rate with a different insurer. Imagine knowing which renewals to spend time on, to save the sale. How much money and time would that save your brokerage? 


No one wants to be faced with an E&O: Now you can help prevent coverage gaps with Retention AI. If your customer is paying too little for their insurance compared to their demographic cohort, chances are, something is missing. Identify red flags instantly and get ahead of exposure before it becomes a problem. You can also use your communications dashboard to send out missing coverage alerts to your customers, in seconds.