Local SEO Services: Local Search Engine Optimization in Canada & US


Local SEO Services for Insurance Agents & Brokers

When a client from Toronto is looking for an insurance service, they will likely look for local brokers in their area in Toronto. 46% of search queries on Google are locally specified.

A local search will help them find what they’re looking for in a short time. As an insurance broker, you don’t want to miss out on the traffic that your business will get from local SEO. Let our Local SEO experts at Trufla help you optimize your business for local SEO search results.

Trufla Technology is an Insurtech company providing Affordable local SEO services nationwide, especially in Canada and the US. You can consider us your dedicated local SEO company, guiding you with the best insurance SEO services to maximize your qualified leads.

What is Local SEO Services?

Most local insurance brokerages have a physical location and serve a specific geographic area. By improving the search engine visibility for your business in your geographic location, the locals in the area you serve will find your business easier. local SEO for insurance agents primarily helps those with physical locations, but there are ways to capitalize on it for online businesses.

Our Local SEO Experts in Trufla will perform best practices for your business, you will get more search engine visibility and organic traffic to your company from qualified leads.

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Local SEO Services: Important Terms


These terms will help you understand Local SEO more and get a better idea of how we can help you improve local rankings.

  • Brick-and-mortar: In Local SEO, this term means a location that has a physical structure, as opposed to an online business, for example.
  • Citation: A mention of your website on another platform, like another website, blog post, or social media post.
  • NAP Citation: A citation that mentions your name, address and phone number.
  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business): A free Google tool where you can influence how your business appears on Google Search, Google Shopping, and Local map pack results.
  • Location landing page: A location or city landing page is a service landing page made for a specific area. If your insurance services are available in more than one city, having location landing pages will help you customize each landing page relevant to the target audience of the city.
  • Nearby/Near Me: A local search term that users input to find services in their area. For example, if a client who resides in Ontario searches for “home insurance near me” They will get results based in Ontario.
  • Map Pack: A local pack or a map pack is a Google feature that shows top local business listings and a map with the location of each listing.


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Why Are Local SEO Services Important for Insurance Agents & Brokers?


Local SEO services Generates Higher-Quality Leads

The leads generated from local searches are better quality because they are customers looking for your service in the areas you serve specifically. A good local SEO marketing strategy will drive customers who are looking for your services to your doorsteps.

In short, our local SEO insurance experts can help you find leads that are more likely to convert into customers.


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Better Customer Experience

As a Local SEO company, we provide SEO strategies include optimizing your website with content that is both high-quality and relevant to the targeted audience’s geographic locations. Doing local SEO services for insurance websites helps your customers feel quite at home on your website page, finding exactly what they’re looking for.

Creating and optimizing location landing pages is part of our local SEO solutions. Moreover, once your business starts to rank on map packs, it will be easier for customers to find your location, contact info, and website.


Less Competition – Better Chances of Success

As SEO specialists, we know how competitive the insurance industry is in Canada & United States. Local SEO is less competitive than national SEO because local SEO is more specific to a group of people.

With our local SEO solutions, you can stand out in a smaller, localized market with less competition and a bigger chance of ranking.


Better Backlinks from Local Sources

Good backlinks from high-authority websites show that your website and business are trustworthy. A good local SEO agency implements a comprehensive campaign leads to acquiring more backlinks from local websites and sources. These backlinks will attract more traffic from targeted visitors who find your business reliable.

Moreover, the local backlinks will tell search engines that you offer quality content worthy of a higher ranking. It’s a win-win.



What We Do: Local SEO Services for Insurance Brokerages


Keyword Research

An important part of any local SEO agency’s work is keyword research, which is finding words your target audience uses in their local searches. By establishing a list of local keywords, we can lead your customers to your website. Local SEO keyword searching helps lead local customers located from the areas you serve to your website and/or location landing pages.

Our local SEO experts conducts meticulous keyword research, covering all the possible keywords that can drive traffic to your website. They seize every opportunity to grab the attention of the locals looking for your insurance services.

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On-Page Optimization

Not only do we drive the right audience to your website, but we also make sure they have a good time finding what they’re looking for. Our local SEO experts create SEO-friendly landing pages with high-quality content that is relevant to the location and search intent of your customers. We create both core pages that advertise your services, and location landing pages that are more specific to the locations you serve.

Moreover, as your local SEO company, we optimize the content, images, and meta tags to help search engines increase the ranking of your website and business listing.


Google Business Profile Optimization

We help you set up the Google Business Profile, making sure to optimize the business name, category, description, address, and reviews. We also add the product, services, images, posts, and citations to make sure your profile stands out and looks professional, following Google’s best practices for local businesses.

Afterwards, we monitor it to ensure our best practices improve the visibility and ranking of the profile.


Local Citations

Local info or NAP citations are crucial to help your customers find your business. A wrong phone number will frustrate your customers, making them look elsewhere for insurance services. Also, inaccuracy and lack of consistency make your business profile appear unprofessional.

Our local SEO Experts in Trufla ensure the name, address, and phone number data are consistent and correct across all channels.


Review Management

No one wants to work with a company that has a 2-star rating on Google Maps. We employ effective strategies to increase positive local reviews by encouraging customers to write reviews and responding to their feedback promptly, even the negative ones.

Optimizing your online business profile and managing reviews help improve your company’s reputation, leading to more customers choosing it as their brokerage of choice.


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Content Creation

Content is a primary component of our local SEO services, as content can attract the targeted audience to your website. We create a content strategy for you to get as much traffic as possible from local searches. Besides landing pages, we create blog posts and social media posts specific to the areas you serve to engage local customers and spread the word about your brokerage. The content we create is high-quality, relevant to user intent, informative, and useful.


Technical SEO

An important aspect of local search engine optimization, technical SEO helps search engines recognize all your efforts to rank higher on SERP. Our local SEO Experts work on your website’s speed, schema markup, and mobile-friendliness.

This also enhances your audience’s customer experience and ensures a lower bounce rate on your website. A website that is slow and not user-friendly will make your audience leave your website to look for other options.


Insurance SEO Reports

How We Provide Our Local SEO Service:

Step 1: Local SEO Audit


What’s Local SEO Audit?

Before we start developing our local SEO services, we do an SEO audit by analyzing your existing SEO performance. That helps us identify weaknesses that we can overcome and strengths that we can draw on.

How It’s Done:

  1. Google Business Profile audit:

    We audit your local business and audit your Google Business Profile first by checking that all information is correct, all photos and videos are updated, and the reviews and questions are responded to. Then, we check the insights report and review the local results Breakdown section to identify local keyword opportunities in search results page. We also track your rankings for relevant keywords in the targeted area.

  2. Local website audit:

    Then, we make an SEO audit of your business website. When a user enters a relevant keyword in the search bar, we want your local business to appear on the first search results page. An audit will tell us how far or close we are from that goal. We check your website rankings, get technical SEO recommendations from local SEO tools, Google Search Console, review your backlink profile, and evaluate individual pages.

  3. Listing and local citations audit:

    To perform an audit on local services, we make a list of existing citations, check for their accuracy, and completeness, and make sure they are all consistent and not duplicated.


Local SEO Services

Step 2: Strategy Development: Tailoring Local SEO Services for Your Business

Now that we know where your business stands and how you can improve your local SEO efforts, we begin developing a strategy, specific to your business needs. This is how our local SEO Experts plan the campaign:

  1. GBP Optimization:

    We devise a plan for optimizing the Google Business Profile and making sure that all information is accurate, consistent, and presented professionally.

  2. Competitor analysis:

    We conduct a competitor analysis to identify top competitors from other local businesses, their ranking factors, and how your business can outrank them in local search results page.

  3. Keyword research:

    Using the GBP and website audit, we compose a list of the top keywords that we can use to help us reach our local pack goals.

  4. Improve website ranking:

    Your website will get more traffic if it ranks higher on SERP. Our plan includes improving your website’s ranking among local businesses by working on search engine marketing and technical SEO.

  5. Create a content strategy:

    Good content will help your website get foot traffic and increase search visibility. We create a content marketing strategy that is specific to your geographic location, to engage local audiences and drive them to your business.


Local SEO Services

Step 3: Implementation of our local SEO Services

After putting together an SEO strategy, it’s time to get to work and implement it. Our team of Local SEO experts pays attention to every aspect of the plan, making sure it’s assigned to the best team member for it. The main goal is to drive measurable results and enhance your local online presence, and we go above and beyond to reach that goal. The execution stage is a crucial component of our local SEO services process.

  1. Google Business Profile Management:

    Our team takes over your Google Business Profile, ensuring all information is accurate and updated. Then, they optimize local business listings with well-written descriptions, high-quality images, and the most relevant categories. Our work doesn’t stop there, we keep updating the profile and engaging with customers to keep the profile active and professionally looking.

  2. Website Optimization:

    Your website is your online storefront. We update the meta tags, headers, and content, adding local keywords to improve its local SEO performance. Our technical SEO team works on the website speed, and overall user experience, which are all essential to improving ranking in local search results. This is why local SEO important for local businesses.

  3. Local Citations and Directory Listings:

    All your listings need to be consistent and accurate. We track them and ensure all NAPs have the same spelling and format. The team also looks for listing opportunities on relevant local business directories to give you more visibility.

  4. Building Local Backlinks:

    Our team of Local SEO Experts looks for opportunities to get high-quality local backlinks by building relationships with other local sites, businesses, organizations, and influencers. That way, your website will get a boost in domain authority, which enhances your credibility and is one of the most important local seo ranking factors.

Step 4: Monitoring and Reporting


Local SEO Monitoring

We know SEO is all about trial and error, especially with the ever-changing Google algorithms. We trust our methods, as they are always influenced by extensive research and backed by years of experience. But that never stops us from constantly monitoring the results and effects of our strategies. As experts in local SEO for insurance agents & brokers, We track metrics, like website traffic, search rankings, and customer engagement. Based on the data collected from insights, we make adjustments to our local SEO Solutions to ensure the success is long-term.


As a leading local SEO company, we believe we should always be transparent. When working with Trufla, there’s always an open line of communication. Our team of local SEO experts provides regular reports that show your progress, the impact of our strategies, and if any areas need further improvement. You will be updated and informed every step of the way.

Other Local SEO Marketing Services Trufla Offers


Technical SEO

  • Website Speed: Loading time and website responsiveness are crucial to a seamless user experience. We ensure the customer won’t bounce back because of a slow, unresponsive website. Our team of local SEO experts measure the website speed and work on making it reach the optimal benchmark.
  • Schema Markup: We use a special technical language tailored for brokers, insurance agents, and regulators to make sharing information easy. These templates included in the schema markup cover things like local details, personal info, insurance products, and organization data.
  • Mobile Optimization: Many users prefer using their mobile devices to navigating websites on their PCs. That’s why we also work on making your website mobile-friendly. We apply responsive design techniques to make sure that websites dynamically adjust and display correctly across different screen sizes and resolutions. We also optimize images and multimedia so customers can find your website visually appealing.
  • SSL certificates: Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates encrypt data transmitted between a user’s web browser and the website’s server. Our SSL certificate services include every step from SSL certificate acquisition and installation to ongoing maintenance and support. We work closely with our clients to learn about their security needs and recommend the most suitable SSL certificate type.
  • Canonical Tags: A type of tag that helps search engines detect and crawl the preferred version of a website page, avoiding duplicate content penalties and other issues. Canonical tag optimization is part of our SEO solutions. Our team correctly implements them across clients’ websites to help maintain search results visibility, improve indexing, and enhance SEO performance.
  • Meta tags: Optimizing meta tags helps improve website visibility and search engine rankings. By using relevant keywords and inserting them in meta tags, we boost the click-through rate in SERP and drive organic traffic to your business website. After optimizing the meta tags, we monitor the results and adjust as we go to make sure we adapt to changes and drive positive results.
  • XML sitemaps: A sitemap helps structure your website’s pages and tell search engines which pages to crawl and index. They are useful because you want Google to crawl all your pages but sometimes the lack of internal links makes pages hard to find. Our team of local SEO experts can generate and manage your sitemaps to make sure they are a roadmap for Google to find all your essential web pages.
  • Robots.txt file optimization: A Robots.txt file is stored in the root directory of your website. Its purpose is to provide instructions to search engine crawlers about which pages to crawl and index. A robots.txt file is a communication tool between website owners and search engines, helping control access to certain parts of a website.
  • Crawlability and indexability: If your website has good crawlability, search engine crawlers will access and navigate its content with ease. And that will help improve visibility and indexability in SERP. Our team carries out thorough audits to detect and address any issues related to crawlability and indexability, like broken links, inaccessible pages, or improper URL structures.
  • Site architecture: the structure and organization of a website’s content, including navigation, hierarchy, and internal linking. A well-structured website offers a better user experience and enhances crawlability and indexability. we are adept at optimizing site architecture to create logical and intuitive pathways for users and search engine crawlers. The result is enhanced website visibility, usability, and search engine rankings for our clients.


Content Creation

As a leading local SEO company, Content creation is part of our digital marketing suite. We understand the importance of high-quality, well-crafted content in capturing the heart and mind of your clients. Our team of content writers and marketers can craft service landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, and more. The writing team works hand in hand with the SEO team to ensure that the content produced checks all the boxes SEO-wise and is ready to rank higher in SERP.


Insurance Website Development and Design

We crafted a unique name for our website development services at Trufla called Truweb. With our Truweb product, we take your website and transform it into a digital sales platform that generates leads and converts them into sales. When working on your revamped website, we incorporate web design, graphic design, SEO, conversion optimization and digital analytics. We also work on automation, cross-platform adaptability, and testing to ensure it’s efficient and adaptable. Allow us to take over your website – while you still get full control- and turn it into a sales-generating platform.


Digital Ads

Truweb Digital Advertising is our performance marketing product. Let us help you grow your business using the power of digital ads. Our efforts drive qualified, high-quality leads to your website, as we use keywords and analytics to attract the right audience segment that is interested in your services. We track the progress of our campaigns based on performance KPIs, measuring qualified leads and ROI, and not just clicks and impressions. Moreover, we use A/B testing to continuously improve and ascertain that we’re using the best strategies.


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Insurance Local SEO: Why Choose Trufla?

We Are Experts in Insurance in Canada and the US

Trufla is an Insurtech company that was previously a brokerage. We live and breathe Insurance. During the employee onboarding phase, our SEO team learns the ins and outs of insurance. And Insurance SEO is unlike any other industry. It’s more competitive with a specific target audience. Not to mention that insurance products are very complex and subject to various regulations and compliance requirements. Our local SEO strategy of insurance makes us adept at handling these delicacies and using them to advance our local SEO efforts.

We Offer Local SEO Reports

Our team knows that analytics can be dull and hard to decipher. That’s why they make SEO reports that show the results of all their efforts at every stage for the clients to stay informed. These personalized reports can be discussed anytime via online client meetings. Our doors are always open. Schedule a meeting and get to know how the SEO magic works. Reports are also helpful for both SEO strategists and clients to keep track of all changes and updates and their impact on the business’s organic results.

Our Efforts Are Research-Driven

Even the best SEO manual will make errors and might not be suitable for your business. That’s why our team doesn’t only rely on their knowledge and experience. They also do extensive research specific to your business and local area to ensure the solutions and strategies are effective. From local keyword research to competitor analysis, they leave no stone unturned in finding ways to help your business gain more traffic and perform better in local search results.

Our Local SEO Price Packages Are Flexible

Whether you run a small insurance company or a large corporation, we have the the best SEO Strategy for local business. Our Affordable local SEO services come in 3 packages: Basic, expert, and advanced. Each package offers great value and is a great investment for your business. Still, we don’t want you to pay for services you don’t need. Our pricing comes in la carte packages, which means you can customize the services, picking the ones you want and leaving out the rest.

Insurance SEO Packages

Speak with one of our Local SEO Experts to learn more about our pricing packages.

Our pricing comes in la carte packages, which means you can customize the services, picking the ones you want and leaving out the rest.


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Insurance Local SEO Services: FAQs

Our Local SEO services include:

  • Comprehensive local SEO audit
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Google My Business profile optimization
  • Local citations and directory listings management
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Building high-quality local backlinks
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting

We measure the success of Local SEO solutions with the help of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, search engine rankings, click-through rates, customer engagement, and conversions. We carry out regular reports to keep you informed about the progress and outcome of our strategies.

Yes, while it’s preferable to have a location to get the best out of SEO, Our local SEO experts have techniques and tips that help us optimize your business online without a physical location.

Local SEO takes its time to show results. Expect slight improvements the first 4-8 weeks but you won’t see the fruits of your effort before at least 3 months. In around 4-6 months, you will start seeing a huge improvement in your local search rankings which will drive more traffic to your website. Rest assured we’re always monitoring and tracking changes to report them to you as they happen.

Insurance agents can find reliable resources and tools to help with their SEO efforts from reputable sources like industry publications, SEO blogs, and online marketing forums. Additionally, they can leverage SEO tools such as SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Yoast SEO to conduct keyword research, track rankings, analyze competitors, and optimize their websites for search engines.