How can you invest in your brokerage’s digital future when it’s confusing and frustrating?

Digitizing a brokerage isn’t straightforward. There are many options and countless decisions to be made. You want to bring out the best of the technologies you adopt and make the digitization process as smooth as possible, but where do you begin or where do you go next? Many brokers are spending money and, unfortunately, are not seeing the best returns for their business.

Understanding technology and how it can work in insurance is the key to success for your brokerage. Whether you’re looking to bring your digitization to the next level or you’re looking to begin, leveraging a consulting partner can bring clarity and focus to your decision-making process. truConsult works specifically with insurance brokers to guide them on their digitization journey through an ever-evolving insurance market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Figuring out where you are in the digital space is the first step. From there, you should be setting your short-term and long term goals and the tactics, tools, resources, and budget you need to get there.

A consulting partner will help you determine your digital strategy, including realistic goal setting and the tools, tactics and resources needed to be successful. Ideally, a consulting partner will help you understand the digital world and where your business fits into it. They’ll customize a plan to your brokerage’s objectives and budget. Together, you will work to build a plan and how to execute it.

Expertise may vary by consulting partner, but they should be knowledgeable in website design and optimization, digital advertising and lead generation, social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, analytics, vendor evaluation, and business strategy.

They should be able to answer all of your digital questions as well as provide recommendations and resources to meet your goals.

A consulting partner should help you develop a strategy based on your business goals. They should perform a digital audit and make short-term and long-term recommendations for the next steps on your digital journey.

If you’re looking at how to take your digital presence to the next level, a consulting partner can help. They can also offer an outside point-of-view on your brokerage’s digital performance, help you find agency partners, or offer a second opinion before a major investment.

Finding a consulting partner that understands insurance is important. If they don’t have any experience working in insurance or with brokerages, you may not get the most useful recommendations to improve your digital performance. Thankfully, these exist!

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