Profit with Trufla’s Facebook Ads for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Can your brokerage or agency leverage Facebook ads for insurance in a profitable way? With the ad landscape becoming more competitive, expertise in Facebook marketing for insurance is key
to success. As part of our truWeb package, you have access to Trufla’s digital ads team that specializes in Facebook ads for insurance agents and brokers. An effective website and ad strategy will help drive traffic to your website to generate leads, sales, and ultimately, profit.

truWeb can help drive traffic to your insurance brokerage or agency and convert leads once they’re there. Our experts understand Facebook, marketing, and the insurance industry. We build you a digital sales platform and develop a customized Facebook ad strategy to help your business drive qualified leads to your website.
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The Value of Facebook Ads

More than one billion people are on Facebook. Consumers are not only using this platform to socialize; they’re using it to do research and make their purchases, too. It’s important that your insurance brokerage or agency is easy to find and your business shows up when it someone is shopping for insurance. Facebook ads for insurance brokers and agencies help you reach potential customers where they are.

Facebook marketing for insurance is also an affordable way for insurance brokers and agencies to increase their brand awareness and generate leads. With Trufla’s expertise in digital ads, insurance, and Facebook’s advanced audience targeting, Facebook ads for insurance agencies and brokers can be successful for almost any budget.

Facebook Marketing for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Trufla specializes in Facebook marketing for the insurance industry. We understand the business of insurance and understand what your brokerage or agency needs from your Facebook ads.

Our technically skilled staff and marketing experts will help you set your strategy and execute a Facebook ad campaign that lets you reach your goals.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Identify your business objectives.
  • Design a Facebook marketing insurance strategy.
  • Design the ads.
  • Execute the ads.
  • Measure the ads.
  • Revise the ads.
Customized Facebook Ad Strategy

It can be tough to know how to leverage Facebook ads for insurance agencies and brokers. It’s a very competitive landscape and being successful with your ads can be a challenge. That’s where truWeb comes in. You need an exceptional website that will convert traffic to leads before you can begin driving the number of visitors up. We also understand your business because we’re built by brokers for brokers. We have highly successful technical experts, website designers, and Facebook marketers. We use these skills to work with you to build a successful digital sales platform and ad campaign on Facebook.

First, we ensure your website is up to snuff. How’s the user experience? Is your website designed to convert visitors into leads? Will it rank on search engines? Once you’ve got your website doing more than just looking pretty, we start bringing in traffic.

What are Your Business Goals?

We begin the customized ad strategy by identifying your business objectives. Are you eager to build your brand name? Do you want to pull traffic to your website to generate leads and sales? Are you looking to promote an event or a specific offer?

Once we’ve established your business goals, we develop a Facebook ad strategy to help you achieve it. Our experienced marketers understand how Facebook works and how to maximize success through digital ads. We determine your budget, audience, and other target factors. Our graphic designers will create you gorgeous and effective ads.

Once the ad is designed and the strategy is set, we launch the campaign. Facebook marketing for insurance can be extremely targeted or more broadly defined. We measure your success and adjust in order to perfect the campaign as we go – it’s an agile process.

Benefits of Trufla’s Facebook Marketing for Insurance

What are the benefits of partnering with us for Facebook Ads?

  • Insurance industry experts
  • Skilled analysts
  • Experienced Facebook marketers
  • Digital ad strategy
  • Focus on qualified leads, not vanity metrics
  • Customization
  • Control
  • Reporting
  • Accessible Facebook marketing for insurance

One of the biggest benefits of working with Trufla is our team. Not only do we have technical experts, such as graphic designers, digital ad specialists, analysts, and marketers, we have insurance professionals who understand the industry.

Our experienced team works with you to develop an effective digital ad campaign strategy. We’re not concerned about vanity metrics. We want to help your business drive qualified leads to your website.

How Will Your Facebook Campaigns Work?

Each ad campaign is individual to your brokerage, agency and your business objectives. We customize our approach and our Facebook ads to work for you. You’ll get final approval on every aspect of the campaign as well as several different choices when it comes to campaigns and ads. Best of all ‑ we’re here to provide our recommendations and guidance if you need it.

We measure your results throughout the campaign, adjusting as needed. Often, campaigns need little tweaks to get them perfect. You also get a final report with the campaign performance and outcomes. It’s a lot easier to track your return on investment!

Unlike a billboard or radio ad, you’ll know exactly how many people have seen your ad. You’ll also know how many people visit your website thanks to your Facebook campaign. Depending on your website, we can also track how many visitors became leads or turn into sales.

One of the best things about Facebook ads for insurance agents and brokers is that campaigns are scalable depending on your budget. We work with what you have and deliver results. We’ll help you set realistic expectations and maximize your return on investment for Facebook marketing.

How Insurance Brokers and Agents Can Leverage Facebook Ads

Facebook ad campaigns can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Digital ads can be used to meet a variety of business objectives. We can run an ad on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or across multiple platforms. With your input, we help you develop your Facebook marketing insurance strategy and execute your campaign to deliver results.

But first, your website needs to convert visitors into leads. That’s why we offer Facebook marketing as part of our truWeb package.

Facebook Marketing for Insurance Agents and Brokers
Brand Awareness

Our email marketing for insurance brokers is delivered through a lead management lens. Our insurance email marketing is set up to help you effectively and efficiently manage your prospects and convert them into customers. In addition to email, our lead management software allows you to easily track and manage leads.

Lead Generation

At Trufla, we believe in bettering your business. Driving qualified leads to your sales team has a true impact on your bottom line, which is why it’s a major focus for our team. We know how to leverage Facebook marketing for insurance lead generation.

But many people overlook the role of a website in lead generation. If your website isn’t user-friendly or designed to convert visitors into leads, turning on the taps of Facebook marketing isn’t going to turn into a rush of leads. That’s when we incorporate Facebook marketing for insurance agents and brokers with truWeb.

Other Objectives

If your business goals don’t fall under the umbrella of brand awareness or lead generation, no need to worry. Whether you’re promoting an event, want your customers to download your app, or looking to get foot traffic to your brokerage or agency, Trufla can help.

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