Trufla Technology Unveils DataHub: The Pioneering AI-Driven Data Management Platform for Unprecedented Revenue Growth 



Trufla Technology Unveils DataHub: The Pioneering AI-Driven Data Management Platform for Unprecedented Revenue Growth 

[Calgary, November 28] – Trufla Technology, a leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics, announced the launch of its revolutionary product, DataHub. This cutting-edge platform is set to transform data management for businesses, combining advanced AI capabilities with comprehensive data access to create a powerful tool for revenue generation and strategic decision-making. 

Why DataHub?

In today’s data-driven world, access to complete and meaningful data is crucial for businesses to thrive. DataHub addresses this need by offering unparalleled access to data, far beyond the typical 20% obtained from traditional Broker Management Systems (BMS). With DataHub, brokers can now unlock the full potential of their data, using it to tell compelling stories about their operations and market dynamics. 

DataHub’s Core Features: 

  • Broker KPI Dashboard: DataHub features a real-time data analysis dashboard that presents the most accurate retention rates in the market. Users can view detailed comparisons of sales versus cancellations, analyze their book of business by market and line of insurance, and make strategic decisions based on live insights into key policy performance metrics. 
  • Retention AI X-Ray: This feature enables users to quickly pull up upcoming renewals and identify policies at risk of cancellation due to high premiums. The Retention AI X-Ray also suggests optimal markets for customer placement, enhancing customer retention and loyalty. 
  • Coverage X-Ray: An advanced AI tool that scans the user’s book of business to identify E&O risks across various coverage types. This tool is particularly valuable in mitigating risks related to catastrophic losses, keeping users ahead in the industry. 

Join Live Virtual Demo: Trufla invites brokers to attend their DataHub Live Demo Event on December 12, showcasing how DataHub can redefine data strategies and contribute to significant business growth. Register Here for free 

Join the Data Management Revolution: DataHub is more than just a product – it’s a strategic partner in growth and success. Trufla Technology is proud to usher in a new era of data management innovation with DataHub, promising to be a game-changer in the industry. For more information visit 

About Trufla 

Originating in the insurance sector, Trufla has expertly integrated real-world insurance knowledge with advanced AI technologies to design tools that revolutionize the distribution process. With a global client base exceeding 200, Trufla is committed to leveraging AI to empower distributors to thrive and expand in an increasingly digital world. 

Trufla’s innovative product suite includes an AI-driven customer self-service platform, comprehensive sales and customer management solutions, digital marketing strategies, and AI-fueled data insights. Boasting a diverse team of over 100 specialists in insurance, web development, AI, app development, and UI/UX, Trufla has rapidly emerged as a premier AI-centric insurtech provider in Canada, earning the title of 2022’s Best InsurTech Provider by Insurance Business Canada. 

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