The Power of In-Person Networking: Why Attending a Live Insurtech Conference is a Game Changer for Your Business

The Power of In-Person Networking: Why Attending a Live Insurtech Conference is a Game Changer for Your Business

Over the past two years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses adopted remote or hybrid working models. Remote work has many positive aspects, and workers have been welcoming the changes because it allows for a better work/life balance. Although remote and hybrid work models have proven benefits, there are also significant benefits from in-person networking in the insurtech industry. 

In-Person Networking Events Are Essential for Success in Insurtech  

Although insurtech is a relatively new field, it’s moving rapidly and evolving at a revolutionary pace. As an insurance broker, keeping up with the latest developments in insurtech is vital to ensure your success in the highly competitive insurance brokerage market. 

In addition to staying up to date with the latest technology, tools, and strategies, in-person networking can help you expand your knowledge and experience, build new business relationships, develop professionally, and boost your brand voice and visibility. 

Amplify Broker TechFest: Your Destination for Everything Insurtech 

This September, Trufla is holding its Amplify Broker TechFest, an exclusive two-day in-person event in Calgary, Alberta. The event includes thought leaders in insurtech, data, AI, brokertech, and others who will lead bootcamps, keynote speeches, and panel discussions aiming to transfer a wealth of knowledge to industry professionals to help with actionable and profitable changes. 

5 Benefits of In-Person Networking Events for Your Brokerage 

Let’s take a deeper look into five benefits of in-person networking in the insurtech industry and learn why attending a live insurtech conference can be a game changer for your brokerage.

  1. Build strong business relationships and expand your network

    Meeting industry professionals face-to-face in a conference setting can help you build strong business relationships and expands your network based on common business goals, values, and interests. In-person networking also allows you to establish trust and rapport, which opens the door for potential collaborations, partnerships, career opportunities, and other business opportunities.

  2. Seize learning opportunities and advance your professional development

    Industry professionals can always seek new learning opportunities and a chance to advance their professional development. As an insurance brokerage, attending in-person insurtech events can help you expand your knowledge and usage of the latest tools in the field to boost your business’s performance in many ways, including customer retention, customer service, lead generation, and sales.
    At live conferences, keynote speeches and workshops can provide invaluable knowledge for your business in the fast-paced, highly competitive insurtech space.

  3. Discovering innovative solutions and business strategies

    Versatility is an important part of running a successful business. Live conferences can provide you with valuable insights into innovative, cutting-edge solutions and business strategies that your competitors are using. You also get the opportunity to test and compare solutions and explore how they can be applied to your business. By keeping an open mind and being aware of weaknesses within your operations, these insights can help you pinpoint solutions and strategies that can drastically improve your performance and enable your business to gain a competitive edge.

  4. Staying up to date with industry trends and the latest technology and tools

    In-person networking events is a great way to stay current on the latest trends, and emerging technologies and tools that impact the industry. Continuous monitoring of market trends and consumer preferences can help you adjust your marketing and customer service activities for improved conversion and retention. Additionally, being among the first businesses to utilize new tools and technologies can put you ahead of the competition.

  5. Refining and establishing your company’s brand and boosting visibility

    One of the most beneficial parts of an in-person networking event is getting the opportunity to bounce ideas off other industry professionals, gather feedback, and gauge your visibility and brand recognition in the market. Attending in-person networking events will enable you to refine your brand and messaging, showcase your business’s achievements, and increase your brand’s exposure and visibility. 

Making the Most out of In-Person Networking Events 

Now that we’ve discussed the many benefits of in-person networking events, let’s look at some quick tips that can help you make the most of any networking event you attend. 

  • Research, plan, and identify objectives in advance. Identifying opportunities ahead of time helps you to be prepared and stay focused to achieve your objectives, whether they are networking with specific people, proposing a partnership opportunity, or familiarizing yourself with a new tool.  
  • Practice your elevator pitch. Elevator pitches should be short, memorable introductions that best convey what you do and what you aim to achieve. They can help you secure partnerships with like-minded people and establish your brand.
  • Stay in contact after the event. Following the event, make sure to reach out to any connections or vendors you’ve met during the event via the appropriate channels and establish next steps regarding your common goals or interests.
  • Be accessible. Give out business cards with valid contact information and make sure to stay accessible when people contact you after the event. 

Be at the Forefront of Competition with Amplify 

Interested in participating in Amplify? If so, you will get the opportunity to explore the tools that will enable you to capitalize on technology trends including AI, data and insights, and automation. Amplify will be held at Studio Bell, Calgary on September 25 and 26, 2023. Click here to get your early bird tickets and learn more about our speakers, agenda, vendors, sponsors, and more.