Stay Ahead of the Game with truMobile Push Notifications

Stay Ahead of the Game with truMobile Push Notifications

In the fast-paced world of insurance, Trufla’s priority is to help brokers stay ahead of the game in all aspects of customer service and retention.

This includes our truMobile feature, an integral part of our insurance broker app. This feature allows brokers to optimize the process of sending e-mail and push notifications to their customers. E-mail and push notifications for policy changes and downloads will enable you to keep your customers informed in an efficient and organized manner. It ensures your customers are able to view and download necessary documents swiftly with a click of a button

How Does This Feature Work? 

For e-mail and push notifications, customers have quick access to documents related to their transactions and can also be notified in real-time about policy changes, such as cancellations, new business, reinstatement, and more. With one e-mail or push notification per transaction, customers can be notified of changes and download billing and policy declaration documents. 

Customers who are using truMobile will receive a push notification that redirects them to the app, where they can view the documents relevant to the transaction flagged in chronological order. Customers who do not use the truMobile app will receive an e-mail with the transaction details and the relevant documents attached.

Benefits of truMobile E-Mail and Push Notifications  

The truMobile feature only sends one notification per transaction, so customers aren’t inundated by notifications. Whether receiving an e-mail or push notification, customers stay informed and have access to necessary documents in a way that is efficient and allows for top-tier user experience.

Strategies for Using the Feature 

The truMobile e-mail and push notification feature brings value to brokers as well as to their clients. The delay feature on the app can be used by brokers to drive better customer service and retention. The delay feature also allows brokers more time to take their customer service to the next level.  

Brokers can set a delay on some notifications, thus allowing them to be notified if a client’s premium is about to change, while delaying the client’s notification by a certain period. Brokers can then use this time to check the new premium rate against market rates, check for missing coverage or errors, and suggest more suitable packages, insurance providers, or policy additions for your client. This feature revolutionizes how brokerages can retain customers and truly shows that they operate with the customer’s best interests in mind.

truMobile Improves Customer Retention 

truMobile opens the door for brokers to improve retention in a seamless way by enabling them to be one step ahead, thus putting the clients’ best interests first and making the process of obtaining, renewing, or changing insurance packages simple and straightforward.  

The e-mail and push notification feature also creates a more efficient and user-friendly experience that allows customers to stay informed about updates to their policies and have easy access to necessary information. 

Want to learn more about truMobile and how to use its many powerful features to take your brokerage to the next level? Click here to learn more about the app, or request a free demo.