How to Use AI Tools for a Successful Social Media Presence

How to Use AI Tools for a Successful Social Media Presence

As ChatGPT and similar AI tools exhibit paradigm-shifting abilities, they are well on their way to transforming how businesses accomplish their daily activities, including digital marketing. According to McKinsey, global AI adoption in businesses is 2.5 times higher today than it was in 2017.   

AI tools utilize several technologies, including image recognition, deep learning, natural language processing and generation to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. The possibilities for what can be achieved with AI in social media marketing are limitless. AI tools can be used for content generation, scheduling and management, analysis, customer service, and ad management.  

Join the Marketing Industry in Utilizing AI Tools 

According to HubSpot, more than 80% of the marketing industry experts integrate AI technology into their online marketing activities. Utilizing AI tools can help you reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, decrease response time, reduce human error, cut costs, and create engaging content. Want to get started? We’ve put together this guide for the different use cases of AI tools in social media and how to make the most out of them. 

AI Tools for Social Media  

Short-form content generation

Driving engagement for your business on social media is a demanding task. Keeping a steady stream of original, well-written short-form content that engages, informs, and piques the interest of users can be challenging, and this is where AI tools can save you time and effort.

AI tools can help you create better content through:

  • Summarizing long-form text or other media into short-form text.
  • Rewriting and repurposing existing content.
  • Generating content based on existing structures and templates.
  • Generating content from short prompts.
  • Generating customized content based on user profiles or brand identity.
  • Recommending fixes and improvements in human-written content. 

Some of the most popular AI tools for content generation include:

  • Lately
  • Sprout Social
  • Quillbot
  • Persado
  • Headlime
  • Grammarly
  • Copysmith


Scheduling and management

Managing multiple social media accounts and keeping them consistent can quickly get complicated. Using AI tools for managing and scheduling accounts across multiple social media channels can reduce the time and effort you spend posting content. It will also help you keep up to date with trends and user interaction.

AI tools can make managing your social media accounts more efficient by:

  • Scheduling posts ahead of time.
  • Recommending best posting times, hashtags, and trending topics.
  • Providing post templates and generating content specific for each social media platform.
  • Enabling team members to collaborate on workflows.
  • Tracking content related to your brand shared on different social media platforms.

Some of the most popular AI tools for scheduling and management are:

  • Lately
  • Emplifi
  • Buffer
  • HelloWoofy
  • Radarly
  • Hootsuite

Metrics analysis

Performance tracking is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Using AI tools to analyze metrics will help you get the most valuable insights from your social media data and increase your ROI.

AI tools can provide you with accurate insights and recommendations by:

  • Analyzing data from your social media accounts relating to engagement and views.
  • Providing recommendations for content, posting times, and visuals through analyzing historical data from your previous posts.
  • Performing competitor analysis.
  • Providing audience insights.

Some of the most popular AI tools for metrics analysis are:

  • Lately
  • Emplifi
  • Cortex
  • Radarly
  • Hootsuite

Customer service

Customer service chatbots are one of the most popular applications for AI technology. Some businesses rely on simple chatbots that follow preset workflows rather than complicated AI technology, but AI-powered chatbots continue to prove their ability to drastically save time, make businesses more accessible, increase conversion rates, help businesses sell outside of business hours, avoid language barriers, and free up customer service employees to more efficiently handle more complicated tasks. According to Hootsuite, 3.5 billion chatbot apps were accessed worldwide in 2022.

AI chatbots can improve user experience by:

  • Providing customer service in real-time.
  • Integrating with different social media platforms to ensure accessibility.
  • Storing customer data to speed up future interactions.
  • Providing personalized recommendations.

Some of the most popular AI chatbots are:

  • Heyday
  • Landbot
  • Drift


Social media ad management

If you are advertising on social media, you may find it difficult to manage and track ads across different platforms. AI tools can be used to help optimize and streamline your ad campaigns and track their performance.

AI tools can help you optimize your social media advertising by:

  • Evaluating performance of ads and providing data-driven recommendations.
  • Enabling efficient organization of ads budgeting, channels, and audiences.
  • Generating content specifically for social media advertising.

Some of the most popular AI social media ads management tools are:

  • Phrasee
  • Sprinklr
  • Wordstream

Guidelines for Using AI Tools for Social Media 

While AI provides a suite of powerful tools to strengthen your social media presence, it’s important to keep in mind that these tools should assist humans, not replace them. Human intuition is invaluable when it comes to laying down digital strategies and designing brand identity, and this is why businesses should never rely entirely on AI tools for their marketing activities. 

In many cases, short-form content will need to be reviewed to ensure that it is readable and appropriate. It’s also important to stay up to date with new tools and features, and to get familiar with any tool before deciding to use it to its full potential. 

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