Your website is more than just an online brochure.

Your potential customers are on social media and search engines, looking for a good broker to take their business. Even if they hear of your brokerage from a referral, they’re still going to check out your website first. With more and more customers turning to the digital world to research and purchase insurance, it is key that your website be your “online office.” You’ve invested time and money to make your physical location look good and have professional staff to make your sales. It’s time to do the same for your website.

A website is more than just a first impression – it’s a digital sales platform. Or, it can be, if it’s done right. There’s no point in having a pretty website if it can’t be found on Google. Many design agencies will sell you a beautiful website – but what does that actually do to increase your sales? We want to challenge you to think of your website as a digital sales platform that enables growth. You can build trust, generate leads, increase lead quality, improve your conversion rate, and more.

Your digital sales platform is an investment with an ROI – and you can use its power to grow your brokerage.

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