Insurance broker management system


BMS Plug and Play with
truMobile now available

Customer management
just got easier

We’ve been working extremely hard to develop our software to plug into your BMS. We know how central the BMS is to all your operations, and we want our technology to supercharge what your BMS can do.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce that our first BMS integration is with PowerBroker Systems.

Now truMobile and your BMS work together seamlessly to create a cohesive environment with a suite of new features including:

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Customer Self Service

for Commercial lines

The most significant new feature with the
PowerBroker Integration is customer
self-service for commercial lines.

Your commercial clients can:

▪ View their certificates
▪ View fleet pink cards
▪ Request changes

Two-Way truMobile to
BMS communication

No more double entry, no more pulling
lists, it’s all automated and streamlined
with our two-way communication loop.

  • Create automated email campaigns in seconds
  • Contact lists auto-updated for most up-to-date records
  • truMobile activities saved in BMS client files
  • Save hundreds of hours on renewal and new business emails

Without people’s intervention,
Broker X-Ray can:

  • Identify high risk clients
  • Identify customers who will cancel upon renewal
  • Identify customers who are underinsured and
    may be at risk
  • Send an abeyance in the BMS for broker to action

Increase retention with AI
and save thousands of
people hours

Broker X-Ray can risk-analyze your entire
book of business in seconds to identify
customers who are likely to cancel, who are
over or under insured, and so much more.