Trufla Launches Employee Share Program and Unlimited Time-Off

Trufla Launches Employee Share Program and Unlimited Time-Off

For Immediate Release, Thursday, March 16, 2023: Trufla announces the Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP) and unlimited time-off for their employees.

On March 1, 2023, Trufla launched its Employee Share Ownership Program, which grants employees the right to purchase and own shares in the company. The Employee Share Program aims to enable employees to share in the success and growth of Trufla and provide them with a safe and smart investment opportunity.

Nicole Alsalibi, Trufla’s Vice President of Human Resources, emphasized the significance of Trufla’s ESOP and how it aligns with Trufla’s core values: “We’ve always believed in the importance of creating an organization where everyone feels a sense of belonging and alignment with the organization’s goals, and the employee share program is an extension of that.”

During the live ESOP announcement, employees were out-of-their-seats excited for the opportunity. “Above all, it’s a smart investment opportunity, especially for our younger employees, who may have been reluctant to start investing elsewhere due to the unstable economic conditions,” Alsalibi added. “ESOP aims to reward and motivate employees, help them reach their financial goals faster, and have ownership in a Canadian company.”

Trufla’s time-off policy is now unlimited; there are no restrictions on flex days or vacation days and employees can take time off within a calendar year.

Trufla’s unlimited time-off policy reflects the company’s healthy work environment and people-first culture. “At Trufla, we are committed to prioritizing our people at every turn. The policy will benefit everyone’s physical and mental health as it promotes a healthy relationship with work,” Alsalibi said.

“We introduced unlimited time-off in recognition and acknowledgement of our employees’ commitment to Trufla. We know how hard our employees work to help us succeed, and we want to support people to take the breaks they need and spend quality time with family and friends,” Alsalibi added.

This change to company policy sets Trufla apart from other tech companies in Egypt and Canada. Employees are ecstatic about the flexibility and opportunities that unlimited time off can afford them.

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