Trufla Introduces Marketplace: Brokerages Gain Digital Storefront for Pure Revenue

Trufla Introduces Marketplace: Brokerages Gain Digital Storefront for Pure Revenue

Calgary, AB – October 18, 2023 – Trufla, a pioneer in insurance technology solutions, is thrilled to unveil Marketplace, a game-changing platform that redefines the insurance sales landscape for brokerages. This isn’t just an innovation; it’s a revolution. Marketplace is poised to disrupt the industry, offering brokerages an unprecedented opportunity to increase monthly recurring revenue without the overhead costs. With Marketplace, Brokers earn full commission on all products. It’s the first of its kind, unique to brokers, and sets a new standard for the industry.

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Seamless Online Purchasing

Marketplace, exclusively accessible through the truMobile app and portal, marks a seismic shift in insurance sales. It empowers customers with a seamless, effortless way to purchase insurance products online. What sets Marketplace apart is its unique capability to enable brokers to effortlessly offer small insurance products without any broker intervention. Plus, it eliminates the cumbersome overhead costs historically associated with insurance sales.

Empowering Brokers with Marketing Tools

Beyond its revolutionary purchasing experience, Marketplace equips brokerages with potent marketing tools to amplify awareness and sales, including:

  • Push Notifications: Engage customers through targeted push notifications, ensuring they’re always informed about new products and opportunities.
  • Email Drips: Implement email drip campaigns to nurture leads and maintain customer engagement, ultimately driving sales.

Revolutionizing Roadside Assistance

Marketplace introduces a groundbreaking approach to roadside assistance. Brokers can now offer customers this essential service without the burden of overhead costs that have historically made it less attractive due to low commissions. With Marketplace, it’s revenue gain without the work, as the app handles it all. It’s a Digital Broker making sales for you!

Exciting Upcoming Products

Trufla is unwavering in its commitment to expand Marketplace offerings, with a range of insurance products currently in development, including:

  • Travel Insurance: Customers will soon have direct access to comprehensive travel insurance within a brokerage’s branded mobile app and online portal.
  • Pet Insurance: Trufla is actively working on bringing Pet Insurance to Marketplace in 2024.
  • Gadget Insurance: With evolving technology comes new risks. In 2024, Trufla plans to introduce gadget insurance to Marketplace, ensuring coverage for valuable devices.

Key Benefits of Marketplace

Marketplace is not just a platform; it’s a revolution. It’s a catalyst for unprecedented change in the insurance industry. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Digital Revenue Generation: Brokerages can now generate revenue by selling insurance products digitally, reducing the need for traditional broker services.
  • Cost Reductions: Marketplace streamlines the insurance buying process, eliminating overhead costs.

Sherif Gemayel, CEO of Trufla, underscores the transformative power of Marketplace: “This is what we’ve been working towards, a solution that finally allows brokers to offer smaller insurance products without the burden or associated costs. Customers gain better coverage, and brokers earn revenue without doing anything. It’s a win-win.”

Discover Marketplace at the IBAO Convention

To experience Marketplace firsthand, visit Trufla’s booth at the IBAO Convention on October 18 and 19.

Update: There is currently a waitlist for Marketplace – Secure your spot for 2023