Trufla Announces Data Dashboard for Brokers 

Trufla Announces Data Dashboard for Brokers 

Data dashboard compiles multiple data points to drive sales and improve the customer experience

For immediate release, November 23, 2022, Calgary, AB Trufla is excited to announce the launch of their Data Dashboard for brokerages. The reporting tool gives brokers direct insight into customers’ buying behaviour by using key metrics, automatically tracked in an easy-to-use dashboard.  

The Data Dashboard is a vital tool for brokerages of any size whose goal is to use their website data to increase leads and revenue. The multi-faceted dashboard tracks and analyzes essential metrics, including traffic, engagement levels, and performance, improving the way brokers view and utilize their data.  

“Our dashboard tells stories with your data. Stories that allow you to make informed decisions on marketing, sales, customer service, digital advertising and more. A Google Analytics certification is not needed to understand your website and marketing efforts,” says Sherif Gemayel, CEO of Trufla.  

The Data Dashboard pulls data from multiple sources into succinct dashboards and reports that show metrics such as key performance indicators (KPIs), SEO stats and overall goals, all in one place.  

Data may be readily available for brokers who use Google Analytics but often brokers have zero access to data or don’t have staff to analyze the data. Understanding key insights, such as SEO stats and the results of marketing initiatives, is a game changer. The truWeb reporting tool fills in the gaps of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data to ultimately drive sales and improve the customer’s online experience.  

Brokers benefit from using Data Dashboard as it improves the quality of leads, aids their marketing efforts, and targets opportunities for improvement in one indispensable report. 

Behind the scenes, our team of business and data analysts continuously optimize the data dashboards to show relevant, actionable metrics that have a direct impact on growth.   

About Trufla 

Trufla is an insurtech built by brokers and engineered by top talent in the tech sphere. Our suite of products includes a web development platform, lead management tool, custom raters, and mobile apps. Trufla also offers various digital marketing services such as SEO and digital advertising. Trufla is the recipient of the 2022 IBAO award for Best Service Provider (Insurtech).  

For more information, please contact: 

Tanya Hage Coburn
Trufla, Marketing Director
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