Industry Leader Susan Gilbert Joins Trufla as Digital Advisor, Bolstering Trufla’s Expertise in the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Industry Leader Susan Gilbert Joins Trufla as Digital Advisor, Bolstering Trufla’s Expertise in the Canada Digital Adoption Program


Calgary, June 14th, 2023 – Trufla, a leading Insurtech company, is proud to announce the addition of Susan Gilbert to their team as a contracted Digital Advisor. Susan brings a wealth of industry experience and a proven track record in driving digital transformation within the insurance sector, making her a valuable asset for digitizing brokerages through the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

With a distinguished career spanning the insurance and marketing fields, Susan’s expertise lies in strategic planning, innovation, and digital adoption. As a former key player in launching and building one of Manitoba’s most prominent insurance brokerage brands, Susan understands the importance of embracing digital-first strategies to create exceptional customer experiences.

Susan’s consulting work has been pivotal in helping brokerages connect with new and existing customers through strategic planning and design thinking processes. She possesses a unique ability to identify opportunities for growth and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the insurance industry. Her focus on sustainable innovation and elevating digital capabilities has led to the development of best-in-class customer journeys, with intentional mapping and content development as key pillars of her approach.

Beyond her consulting work, Susan’s commitment to the insurance community is evident through her roles as Past President and Chair of the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba and Director of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada. Her deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing brokerages throughout the country enables her to provide valuable insights and guidance to Trufla and its clients.

“Susan Gilbert’s appointment as a Digital Advisor contractor at Trufla is a significant milestone for our company,” said Steve Warme, Director of Digital Transformation at Trufla. “Her extensive industry knowledge, strategic mindset, and passion for digital transformation align perfectly with our vision of empowering brokerages with cutting-edge technology and seamless integrations. Susan’s expertise will play a crucial role in driving the success of digital adoption for brokers everywhere.”

Trufla’s partnership with the Canada Digital Adoption Program further emphasizes their commitment to supporting brokerages in streamlining processes, automating operations, and embracing digital strategies. Through the program, Trufla offers fully funded Digital Adoption Plans that can be used to access interest-free loans to brokerages, enabling them to implement recommended technologies and stay ahead of the digital curve.

In addition to Susan Gilbert, truConsult is privileged to have Sherif Gemayel, CEO of Trufla, and Joe Sirianni, former COO of Western Financial Group, as advisors. Sherif Gemayel brings a wealth of leadership experience in driving innovation and digital solutions in the insurance industry. As CEO of Trufla, he has led the company’s efforts to empower insurance brokerages with cutting-edge technology and transform their digital operations. Joe Sirianni brings his extensive expertise in strategy and business development, having held key leadership positions in the insurance and technology sectors. Together, these advisors will strengthen truConsult’s ability to provide comprehensive digital transformation strategies and support to brokerages participating in the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

About CDAP

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a groundbreaking initiative managed by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada. It offers businesses including insurance brokers, MGAs, and insurance-related operations an incredible opportunity to leverage government funding to accelerate their digital transformation. Through CDAP, businesses can access over $100,000 in funding, enabling them to enhance client engagement, streamline operations, and boost sales and retention. With expert guidance, comprehensive digital assessments, tailored strategies, and ongoing mentorship, CDAP empowers insurance professionals to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. By joining CDAP, businesses can stay ahead of the competition, meet evolving client expectations, and drive sustainable growth in the rapidly evolving digital era. For more information about the CDAP program visit

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