It’s All About The Data – Fall IBAO Conference Recap

It’s All About The Data – Fall IBAO Conference Recap

We want to thank all the Ontario brokers that visited the Trufla booth and watched our demos at the IBAO conference in Toronto this past October. We hope you love your T-shirt!  

Our CEO, Sherif Gemayel, was one of the featured speakers at the conference and spoke about how brokers are more like Amazon than you may think: they both distribute products and give their customers a choice. [link to full article]. 

If you missed the conference, here is a recap of what our client team showcased: 

Our truMobile demos included one of our most popular products used by brokers, Broker X-Ray.  

Main Product Points: 

  • Broker X-Ray, our AI powered retention tool, allows brokers to calculate their client’s insurance policy renewal changes in seconds, instead of using a tedious manual process involving spreadsheets — saving time and money. 
  • Broker X-Ray is used to identify retention risks, i.e., customers whose rate increase is more than 10%, are flagged as customers at risk of leaving and finding a cheaper rate elsewhere. 
  • The tool indicates the reason for the customer’s increase in insurance rates, for example they found a better price, or the customer has a claim or conviction that is raising their premium.  
  • Brokers get a list of clients they can easily remarket to and retain, which only takes a few clicks using our predictor tool.  

We also presented our Communications Platform. Here are a few advantages of using our amazing platform, which helps brokers boost their business and improve communications with their clients. 

  • Brokers were excited about the platform because it makes it much easier to communicate with their clients. 
  • Creating lists and sending targeted, personal emails to their clients has never been quicker or easier with this exciting new communications tool.

Overall, the IBAO conference was a huge success. Our team was happy to meet new people and spend time with connections they hadn’t seen in a few years.  Thanks again for coming out to see us!