Empowering Brokers with Unmatched Insights: Dashboard Pro Sets a New Standard in the Industry


Empowering Brokers with Unmatched Insights: Dashboard Pro Sets a New Standard in the Industry 

Calgary, Alberta- Tufla is thrilled to announce the launch of Dashboard Pro, a revolutionary platform designed to transform how insurance brokers manage their businesses. With Dashboard Pro, brokers gain access to a comprehensive suite of features and advanced dashboards, providing real-time insights and actionable metrics. To make this cutting-edge solution even more accessible, Trufla is excited to offer a free trial over the summer. 

Traditional brokerage management often involves manual data entry, fragmented systems, and limited visibility into key metrics. Dashboard Pro changes the game by equipping brokers with powerful dashboards that offer a 360-degree real-time view of their operations, driving data-driven decision-making and maximizing business success. Dashboard Pro boosts the most accurate retention rates available in the market today, helping brokers maximize their profitability.  

The key features of Dashboard Pro include: 

  1. Policies Dashboard: Gain a detailed snapshot of your broker business, including active premium, active policies, policy retention, new business vs. cancellations, renewals, and more. Identify trends, track performance, and make informed decisions to optimize your policy portfolio.
  1. Users Dashboard: Track customer adoption rate, total user logins, new users, change requests, claims requests, and more. Understand user behavior, identify engagement patterns, and optimize your team’s performance.
  1. Retention Dashboard: Filter policy numbers in force, line of business, remarketed policies, upcoming renewals, client retention rates, trend analysis, and more. Identify opportunities to enhance client retention, proactively address policy renewals, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  1. Vehicles Dashboard: Gain insights into active vehicles, insured vehicle count, average auto premium, vehicle risk overview, and more. Understand your vehicle portfolio, identify high-risk areas, and optimize pricing and coverage strategies.
  1. Properties Dashboard: Explore active properties insured, average premium, replacement cost, properties per policy, and more. Analyze your property portfolio, identify growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability.

“We are excited to introduce Dashboard Pro, a game-changing solution that empowers insurance brokers with unparalleled insights and advanced reporting dashboards,” said Sherif Gemayel CEO of Trufla. “With Dashboard Pro, brokers can streamline their operations, identify growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. We’re giving free trials over the summer months, allowing brokers to experience the power of Dashboard Pro firsthand, even while on vacation in a different country.” 

The summer free trial of Dashboard Pro is now available for insurance brokers, enabling them to unlock their brokerage’s full potential without any cost obligations.  

About Trufla 

Originating in the insurance sector, Trufla has expertly integrated real-world insurance knowledge with advanced AI technologies to design tools that revolutionize the distribution process. With a global client base exceeding 200, Trufla is committed to leveraging AI to empower distributors to thrive and expand in an increasingly digital world. 

Trufla’s innovative product suite includes an AI-driven customer self-service platform, comprehensive sales and customer management solutions, digital marketing strategies, and AI-fueled data insights. Boasting a diverse team of over 100 specialists in insurance, web development, AI, app development, and UI/UX, Trufla has rapidly emerged as a premier AI-centric insurtech provider in Canada, earning the title of 2022’s Best InsurTech Provider by Insurance Business Canada. 

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