5 tips for insurance brokers to grow their social media following

5 tips for insurance brokers to grow their social media following

Social media marketing is a crucial part of any business’s digital marketing strategy as it affects brand awareness, identity, loyalty and trust. Not only that, but when managed correctly, social media can help drive leads to your brokerage.

At Trufla, we have over a decade of experience managing dozens of social media profiles of brokerage across the country. Here are our sure fire tips to help you grow your social media following.

1. It’s all about engagement, not followers

Growing a healthy and loyal social media following does not happen overnight. Buying likes while effective will not drive engagement rates you need to really make an impact online. In fact, many social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn use algorithms to decide which posts to share with a wider community. If your social media posts are receiving low engagement from an audience that was bought through advertising, then the next post you share will be released to fewer and fewer people.

If you focus on useful content that resonates with your target audience, and that audience engages with your posts, then the social media platform will release your next post to a wider audience and so on and so forth. Your social network followers will grow organically from there.

2. Know your target audience

That leads us to our second tip: Identify your target audience, know your target audience, and create content that is useful, helpful or strikes an emotional chord with that demographic.

Are you selling insurance primarily to personal lines consumers? What geographic areas are you targeting? What does your customer look like? What are their interests? What are they worried about? Start by creating customer personas and keep those personas in mind when creating your social media content.

3. Choose one or two platforms, not all the platforms

Social media platforms vary from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok to LinkedIn. You do not have to be on all of them to have an impact. In fact, it could hinder you and waste a lot of your marketing time and money. Instead, look at where your target audience is spending their time on social media.

For example, if you are selling primarily business insurance, you may want to focus a lot of your social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn or Facebook (for entrepreneurs and small businesses).

4. Create a content calendar with different media formats

Creating a really good content calendar can be time consuming, but it does pay off in the end. We recommend hosting quarterly brainstorm sessions with different roles within the organization from front-line staff to leadership in order to help your social media manager create and schedule posts that are relevant, important, and meet your brokerage’s business goals.

Your content calendar should include a mix of blogs (check out our blog on how to SEO optimize your content), video, images, polls, and other creative ways in which to engage your community.

You can start organizing your calendar by themes such as insurance tips, community involvement, staff highlights, and product marketing.

5. Involve your staff

The best and most effective way to grow your social media following is to have your team follow, share and advocate on your social media channels. The more employees that share a post, the more people will see and engage with that post. We recommend doing social media training for all your team members and new hires and offer brand ambassador incentives to share corporate updates on social media.