What is truScore?

truScore is a propriety tool that helps brokerages understand where they fit in the digital landscape against their competition, and what opportunities for improvement exist. The score we provide you in this report is called your Digital Reach. The Digital Reach score reflects a brokerage’s ability to attract online traffic and the overall strength of its digital properties by combining assessments from 6 different tools across 26 different metrics.

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Metrics include:

  • Website findability and link strength
  • Site performance and usability
  • Your social media presence
  • And other key indicators

truScore Lite helps you understand how your digital reach is performing in relation to other brokerages and insurance companies. For example, your website may be ranking really well, but the usability and experience on the site is poor, which means you’re not turning web visitors into customers.

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We also offer our truScore Pro report, which includes a comprehensive look at your Digital Reach Score, allowing you to determine the overall strength in your brokerage’s digital properties. Complete with an analysis of your marketing and sales aptitude, the report provides an evaluation of the performance when handling leads through digital channels, including response times and follow ups with prospects.

truScore Pro will give you a score on how well your brokerage performs in the digital space, where you have room for improvement, and whether or not your sales team can significantly increase their bind ratios by changing their workflow and follow up strategies.

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