truConsult: Insurance Consulting Services for Digital Brokers

How do you become a digital broker? What do you need to do to take your brokerage to the next level? How do you improve your business? What can you do to generate more revenue with your brokerage? These aren’t easy questions to answer, but a good insurance consulting firm like truConsult can help you navigate your next steps.

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How can truConsult Help My Brokerage?

The role of an insurance consulting service is to provide a brokerage or agency with guidance. truConsult offers advice and solutions in order to improve your business’ effectiveness and efficiency. This saves your brokerage or agency time and money. It also helps you provide a better customer experience and generate more revenue. truConsult specializes digital brokers. Whether you’re just starting your digital journey or are well on your way and looking for the next step or competitive edge, we’re here to help you develop and grow. We know the insurance business and we understand the technology – that makes us the perfect insurance agency consultant for you.

Insurance Consulting Companies & Technology

Technology is critical in today’s digital landscape. Understanding technology and how it works in insurance is the key to success for your brokerage. If it isn’t a focus, your business has already fallen behind. Becoming a digital broker is more than just having a website and social media accounts. It means leveraging both in a way that will generate business for your brokerage. It’s having lead management technology that will allow you to capitalize and convert into sales. It’s providing your customers with digital service options like an online portal and mobile phone app.

If an insurance agency consultant isn’t discussing technology with you, they’re not doing their job. truConsult understands the digital assets a broker can take advantage of and we know how they can help your brokerage. That sets us apart from other insurance consulting companies who may not have the needed knowledge and experience on the digital side.

truConsult is an Insurance Consulting Agency for Digital Brokers

truConsult is an insurance consulting service specializing in digital insurance journeys. We you’re your brokerage expert guidance that you can act on. Whether you’re just beginning or wanting to get to the next level, truConsult can help you move forward.

How truConsult’s Insurance Agency Consulting Services Work

With your digital consulting partner, you’ll go through three phases:

1. Discover
2. Determine
3. Deliver

In the first phase, “Discover,” our truConsult team will audit your brokerage’s full operation. We’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as determine where you stand amongst your direct competitors. We’ll provide your brokerage with recommendations based on our findings as well as give insights as to the regional and national best practices when it comes to digital.

In the second phase, “Determine,” we work with your brokerage to develop a road map. First, we clarify your business objectives. Then our team creates a plan to achieve those goals, taking into account your budget, staffing resources, and priorities.

In the final phase, “Deliver,” we help you implement your plan. We’re here to provide support; giving additional recommendations, vetting vendors, and helping you navigate those bumps along the road of your digital journey.

truConsult’s Insurance Consulting Services

Specializing in digital brokers make the insurance consulting services truConsult provides a little different from other insurance consulting firms. After our investigative audit, we provide recommendations and guidance based on these areas:

  • Business strategy, especially with regards to digital
  • Sales conversion and lead management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Website conversion optimization
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard creation and use
  • Vendor vetting and recommendations
  • UX and website usability
  • Google Ads and PPC
  • Brand
  • Consumer behavior
  • Sales culture
  • Website performance audits
  • Insurance marketing
  • Digital insurance broker development
  • Business Strategy

    If you’ve worked with an insurance consulting firm before, this is probably what you’re expecting. But truConsult is a bit different: we help your brokerage with its business strategy, but focus on how your business objectives can be achieved through digital. We also help you with progressing on your digital journey – getting started, the next step, and putting yourself in front of your competition. Each brokerage is different, which is reflected in each strategy we provide.

  • Sales Conversion and Lead Management

    Your brokerage needs to make money. Getting leads and converting them into sales is how you do this. truConsult will audit your current customer experience and lead management processes and make recommendations on how you can improve them, resulting in more leads and more sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

    Most insurance consulting firms understate the importance and power of search engines. This is how people find your website. Unfortunately, it can be hard to be found. Our experts can help you understand search engine optimization and marketing and what your brokerage needs to do to get more visitors to your website. You need traffic to generate leads and sales, after all.

  • Website Conversion Optimization

    Once you’ve got someone on your website, how easy is it for them to become a lead or even a customer? Your website experience is critical in determining whether you get clients or not. It should be very easy for your prospective clients to find the information they need and request a quote. truConsult can help you with that.

  • Reporting and Dashboards

    Data is power. It allows you see how your brokerage and staff are performing. With data, you can make informed decisions. Our truConsult experts provide guidance when it comes to which metrics to measure, how to understand reports, and what dashboards you need to track your progress.

  • Vendor Vetting

    There are tons of options for vendors. Some specialize in insurance others service a wide variety of industries. We help you find the right vendor based on your budget and business objectives. We evaluate the vendor’s reputation, knowledge, and deliverables and provide a shortlist with our recommendations.

Are insurance consulting firms worth the cost?

All too often, brokers are spending money without seeing the best return for their business. A good insurance agency consultant like truConsult will help a brokerage save money by increasing effectiveness and efficiency while running their business. In the long run, we help your business generate more revenue.

If you’re interested in insurance consulting services that will help you improve your brokerage business and get to the next stage of your digital journey, truConsult is the right choice.

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