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Not only are we SEO experts here at Trufla, we specialize in SEO for insurance brokerages. We’ve been helping brokers rank in search engine results before their competitors for years. We have a tried and tested methodology that will be tailored to your individual business objectives.

Choose your keywords – the foundation of your SEO strategy.

An SEO campaign begins with keywords – these are the words your potential clients are searching for. Using your experiences and our data research, we’ll figure out which keywords your website should aim to rank for together in this pivotal step to ranking success.

Harness the power of organic traffic.

Organic traffic is traffic to your website from search engines (that isn’t paid for). Regarded as the most important and beneficial traffic source, organic traffic is key to your brokerage’s long-term online success. Once a high ranking position is obtained, it’s generally held as long as the website kept up with good SEO practices. It’s also low cost – especially when compared to paid search marketing.

Get found by potential clients in your preferred areas.

As an insurance brokerage, walk-in leads and face-to-face meetings still make up a large part of sales. An important part of any SEO strategy for a broker should include optimizing for your location. You want to be easily found by potential clients in your immediate area. You need to show up in location-based searches!

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