Customers want convenience and efficiency.

Let’s face it; we all need to bring our costs down while increasing our customer retention. Customers have digital access to their information across industries, including banking, telecoms, and retail. More and more customers expect their service providers to give them exceptional, personalized customer service that isn’t limited to traditional technology or business hours.

Offering an app and web portal isn’t revolutionary, especially as these tools are becoming more essential to customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, insurance brokers are stuck in the past; failing to offer digital options for their customers and using antiquated systems that provide limited access to their customer data. Brokers spend more time carrying out menial customer service tasks instead of generating business and customers are frustrated with having to call in and wait.

Is it possible that a brokerage use technology to increase their customer satisfaction while bringing costs down? Can you do one without sacrificing the other? Yes, you can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that insurance brokers need to do business the way the customer wants to do business. Your customers have access to their information in almost every service they use today. From banking, to telecom, utilities to shopping, people can research, answer questions and interact with companies the way they want to do business. Why would their insurance broker be any different?

truMobile offers your brokerage a branded mobile app for Apple iOS and Android, as well as a branded web portal for customers to access their policy information and other features. We also provide you, the broker, with a Broker Admin web portal that allows you to create user accounts, manage existing users, change account settings and pull powerful data reporting on usage, messaging, and most importantly, client data!

truMobile allows customer to access their personal lines policy information, including coverages, limits and deductibles in an easy to understand way. Customers can also access digital pink cards, request changes to their policy, file First Notice of Loss to you, access services, get brokerage contact information, and receive personal and relevant communications from your brokerage via push notification and email. New features are constantly in development so be sure to stay in the loop.

To provide ultimate flexibility for brokers, Trufla has chosen to not integrate with current BMS systems. By doing so, brokers that switch BMS providers are not required to switch customer self-service platforms due to lack of integrations between various vendors. This causes major pain for your customers and requiring you to start all over again onboarding customers to a new platform.

truMobile uses CSIO data downloaded from the insurer which allows us to avoid the BMS system. This also gives us ultimate flexibility over what data we parse from CSIO, how we store it, and how we present it back to you in ways that are powerful and easy to use.

We collect EDI data and eDocs from the CSIO download for your brokerage. When policies are new, renewed or changed, insurers provide a CSIO download of the data back to your brokerage. Commonly this was used to populate various fields in your BMS. We work with CSIO to have an alternate mailbox to allow us to capture the data and squeeze every drop of data out in order to provide the most data back to you and for your customers to access their information.

We squeeze every drop of data from the CSIO download so if it comes from the insurer, we capture it. Want to know every client in a postal code that may have been affected by a storm? We got that. Want to know which ones have sewer back up coverage? We got that. Want to know which insurer they’re with and what their deductible is to give them a heads up? We got that too! Now consider it only takes 30 seconds to pull…crazy right? That is why we said no to answer 4!

Of course that is only one example but we provide a wealth of client data and usage data in order for you to better understand your business and communicate with your customers in a highly personalized way. Book a demo to see for yourself!

Not at all, especially when you consider the functionality available. Imagine if you had 1 employee to handle every customer request for a pink card, every question if they have a certain coverage, every question about a deductible, and questions about payment. They can issue copies of policy documents as well as renewal policy documents – for all your personal lines customers! Now imagine that person works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without vacation or benefits or training. NOW imagine they work for less than a part time salary. Sounds pretty compelling doesn’t it? What are you waiting for? Book a demo!

This is the most important question because if the customers aren’t aware that you have it they cannot use it!

Though customers use these tools across many industries, we can assure you they’re not searching the app stores looking for your brokerage. Success comes from educating the customer that this tool is available and making it as easy as possible to get into the system. Once they use it they are more like to use it again when they need it.

To ensure success, we provide a thorough onboarding program to give you proven strategies for promoting to and onboarding your customers to the platform. This includes broker workflow ideas as well as marketing strategies to educate customers.

We collect the insurance policy information from the CSIO download from each insurer. This makes our system fully automatic and requires no broker intervention to create or remove digital pink cards. This means you don’t need to worry about E&O exposure. When a new policy is downloaded, the pink card is automatically created. When a policy is cancelled or lapsed, the pink card automatically disappears. Vehicle on parking, no problem, the pink card will not show. Because you can’t manually create pink cards from our system, there is no chance for fraudulent activity making our digital pink card the most secure in the industry.

Our system allows customers to print, download, save and share their digital pink card in order to provide proof of insurance to others who may require it.

Trufla takes data security and privacy extremely seriously. We have built a robust environment for data storage in Canada on industry leading hosting providers which keeps each brokers data separate from others, so no cross contamination is possible. Data is encrypted with bank grade encryption while in transit and at rest to make sure it is held private. We also have an internal data management protocol that means only certain senior level employees have access to data and only when they need to.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of commercial data being sent to brokers, other than IRCA policies and some small commercial, we are unable to support commercial insurance at this time. Without some sort of connectivity or raw data transmission, such as CSIO, data for commercial policies either has to be manually entered (yuck!) or it is locked up in PDF files (not good!). This is counter productive to our vision of making the system as automatic as possible and providing powerful data reporting. Please tell your insurance companies to work harder on providing commercial data!

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