Broker X-Ray

A cutting-edge analytics tool that helps brokers strategically remarket clients that they’re at the highest risk of losing.

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A Renewal Indicator for Brokers

Building Trust and Retention

A first in the industry, Broker X-Ray is slated to become the most sought-after feature of truMobile. Broker X-Ray is a powerful data tool that analyzes a broker’s book of business to provide invaluable insights into trends in their brokerage.

Broker X-Ray Features

Analyze Retention Risk

Broker X-Ray gives brokerages the status of each client’s policy details and renewal statistics and a bird’s eye view of where they stand in the market. Designed to improve retention using advanced AI, Broker X-Ray delivers in two significant ways: A segmented report of clients at risk of being lost on renewal and offers the lowest price clients can obtain in the market.

Market Price Indicator

It’s no surprise that a broker’s clients are looking for the lowest price points for insurance, especially for home and auto insurance. So, wouldn’t it be great to get ahead of their shopping and make sound recommendations? This tool shows whether your client’s insurance policy rates are “too high,” too low,” or “just right.”

Saves Brokers Time

The Broker X-Ray indicator tool is also a huge time-saver. It eliminates several steps in the broker remarket process. For example, instead of a broker spending time requoting each of its clients at renewal time, they can discover which clients are at risk of leaving their insurer for a lower price and act.

This strategy puts the broker in charge while providing better options for their clients.

Included with truMobile Premium

Broker X-Ray is a premium feature of truMobile and costs C$999.00 per month. There are absolutely NO extra fees of any kind. This package includes excellent features, including support and training for Broker X-Ray, push notifications and branded marketing tools.

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