Meet our Digital Advisors


Susan Gilbert, with a background in marketing and advertising, co-founded one of Manitoba’s most prominent insurance brokerage brands. Over the last seven years, she led the brokerage’s rebranding and shift to a digital-first, omni-channel customer experience. Susan now offers consultancy to brokerages, specializing in strategic planning, identifying growth drivers, fostering sustainable innovation, and improving digital customer journeys. Her work involves integrating technology and strategic partnerships to enhance sales and service processes, fostering a culture of innovation and empowerment. As a past leader in the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba and a director of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada, Susan is deeply involved in addressing the challenges and opportunities in Canadian brokerages.


Joe brings over 25 years of experience in financial services and insurance brokerage to his role as a consultant and advisor. As COO of Western Financial Group, he led a major transformation into an omni-channel company and drove technological advancements. As EVP Sales, he championed growth and customer-centric strategies. Known for inspiring innovation and leadership, Joe’s career started at TD Bank Financial Group and has been marked by numerous awards.


Sherif, a visionary in the insurance industry, founded Sharp Insurance in 2009, quickly turning it into one of Canada’s most innovative and rapidly growing brokerages. His success stemmed from his early embrace of digitalization, using and developing digital tools to expand his business. In 2021, Sherif sold his brokerage to advocate for independent brokers and became CEO of Trufla, a global software provider. At Trufla, he continues to innovate in data and digitalization for brokerages. A recognized thought leader and speaker on insurance distribution, Sherif also advises on technology adoption for profitability and growth as a registered advisor through Canada’s Digital Adoption Program.

How the Digital Adoption Program works at Trufla

Our Digital Adoption Reports are targeted to help you focus where you need to invest in technology in order to see the most impact and return on your investment.

Step 1


Here we will have a three-hour workshop with your leadership team where we do a few exercise to really understand your business, your pain points, your goals and objectives.

Step 2


Through a series of interviews, questionnaires, and our proprietary truScore marketing and sales assessment tool, we will spend 6 weeks analyzing your operations to give you to detailed report on where you can digitize in order to get the most return on your investment

Step 3


After we have successfully completed the research phase, our digital advisors will create both a report and presentation to go over our finding and next steps