How Sharp Insurance manages $2M premium per CSR

Sharp Insurance was founded in 2009 and has quickly grown to over 30,000 clients. With truMobile, they were able to manage 60% more premium per head, greatly improving their bottom line.

Problem we solved:
Leads are not managed well


Sharp Insurance wanted to streamline customer service and provide clients with choice. They also wanted to increase broker productivity, with brokers managing more premium per head and being able to focus on complex client care and revenue-generating tasks.


Sharp Insurance now offers the truMobile customer portal and app. This gives their customers access to their insurance information whenever they need it – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Sharp Insurance also uses this technology to send clients important personalized messages.

With over 1000 clients logging in each month, Sharp Insurance has reduced the number of calls into the brokerage for basic service tasks such as pink cards, policy documents, and basic questions. Sharp Insurance’s brokers were able to manage $2 million of premium each and spend their time focusing on important or revenue-generating services such as claims, new business and renewals.

Leveraging the truMobile Broker Admin Portal, Sharp Insurance finds detailed client data in order to segment customers in order to give personalized service and marketing messages. Relevant and personalized push notifications and emails sent to customers strengthened their value to their clients.

truMobile provided Sharp Insurance’s clients with a digital solution to their insurance while increasing broker productivity.


By reducing calls for redundant tasks, Sharp Insurance CSRs are able to manage 60% more premium per head than your traditional broker greatly improving Sharp’s bottom line.

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