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Business Interruption Insurance: Challenges, Trends and Opportunities

COVID 19 has forced businesses and insurance industry professionals around the world to stop and really think about Business Interruption Insurance. The pandemic has demonstrated…

Aggregators – “Friend or Foe”

Co-founder and CEO of, Justin Thouin examines the relationship brokerages have with aggregators. Not all leads are good leads but lead aggregators have come…

Why Your Brokerage Needs Its Own Brand Currency

Podcaster and marketer, Ryan Holtz deep dives into what it takes to build an authentic online presence and why it’s more important than ever to…

When Unified Communication Meets Insurance

Key members of the Croo Group give you a behind-the-scenes look into building a cloud-based telephony for remote insurance call centres.

2021 Amplify Awards Ceremony

Amplify Awards for Top Innovators in the Industry The Amplify Awards celebrate the very best in digital innovation, leadership, and technology in the BrokerTech sphere….

Preparing Your Brokerage for the Next Crisis

How fast does your brokerage react to a crisis? From COVID to catastrophic claims – your crisis management plan will earn you loyalty and elevate your brand.