IBAC Broker Stackathon, Facilitated by Tom Reid

Welcome to Amplify’s IBAC Stackathon¬†

Discover Your Ideal Tech Stack and Drive Innovation in Insurance

Join us at Amplify 2024 for the IBAC Stackathon, an exciting and collaborative event designed to help brokers discover the perfect technology stack to revolutionize your business. Hosted by industry expert Tom Reid, this dynamic workshop provides a unique opportunity for hands-on learning, networking, and innovation.


How It Works

    • Simply register for Amplify and you will automatically be registered for the IBAC Stackathon. Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot early!
Workshop Kickoff:
    • Attend the opening session hosted by Tom Reid, where you’ll get an overview of the Stackathon, meet fellow brokers, and learn about the participating vendors and their cutting-edge solutions.
Interactive Sessions:
    • Engage in a series of interactive sessions with leading tech vendors. Explore their products, ask questions, and gain insights into how their solutions can enhance your business operations.
Tech Stack Collaboration:
    • Work in teams with other brokers to evaluate the vendor solutions and build your ideal tech stack. Use your collective expertise to identify the tools and technologies that best meet your needs.
Voting and Selection:
    • After the collaborative sessions, cast your vote for the most innovative and effective tech stack. Your votes will determine the winning solutions that stand out in the insurance industry.
Showcase and Recognition:
    • The winning tech stack will be featured on the IBAC website’s tech showcase, giving you and your chosen vendors the spotlight and recognition across the industry.
Why Participate?
  • Innovate and Transform: Discover new technologies that can streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.
  • Network with Peers: Connect with other brokers, share knowledge, and build valuable relationships that can help you stay ahead in the industry.
  • Shape the Future: Play a key role in identifying and promoting the best tech solutions available for the insurance industry.
  • Gain Recognition: Be part of a winning team and get featured on the prestigious IBAC website tech showcase.
Get Started Today
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to shape the future of insurance technology. Register now to secure your spot at the IBAC Stackathon at Amplify 2024. Together, we can drive innovation and discover the tech solutions that will transform our industry.